2015 was Awesome, still taught me lessons

It has been a long time I made a post, for those who have forgotten about me and what I have been doing all these years.

I am STILL a passionate candid wedding photographer after quitting my IT job 4 years back. So the title looks good, what could have gone wrong?


We are super heroes, what could go wrong? That was that moment in November 2014, I was doing good in business or at least meeting my ends with no debts, no pressure, no EMI, no loan. So end of the day it was a happy family, I wanted to give him more room for my elder son who is in 9th Standard, literally. Yes it was a 2 bedroom apartment. I lived in a government quarters where space was never a problem until my dad got retired from his service and we had to hire a home for rent, btw these days where my school days. So I thought, I should also give my elder son the same comfort so that he can visualize and learn the big picture.


I moved in to a individual bungalow but was aged, I had not lived in an individual house in my life time, if not my dad, let me give that comfort to my son. Btw my dad did give me the best of things what he could offer or I would say way beyond his own limits, so there is no crib about it.

The rooms became big

The car had its own parking lot.

Private roof top

my working space also became big eventually.


Was happy for couple of months – well it was pudu pondati, but changes started to happen financially, I had no clue about what was happening?

If you asked me, I had better clients than 2014. But the numbers where less, still it was good, if not awesome.

So what was my lessons?

I had no prior experience on managing an individual house, I lived in an apartment all my life time. It was like all responsibilities was on my head, the home demanded too much attention and my time

Squirrels would commit suicide in my water tank

Crows would have their private time in my water tank and eventually die as they didn’t know how to get out.

Some old crows would die in my garden

and finally the rats had made it’s home. I mean literally, I tried so many ways, I was partly successful with the sticky mat. Well I had given up on them and made them part of my family now, because as days coming the family was becoming bigger and better.


Was the above my financial problem, nah but it took away lot of my time.

My two employees resigned, that is when I realized something went wrong. They wanted a hike which I couldn’t offer at that moment of time.

The lesson was my rent which was huge, which put a dent in my pocket. Almost like 13 months I have been paying rent, which was nothing when I was at the old place.

Live frugal, save money for 12 months as advance and do things which you dream. Till then – Frugal is the word.

Retain your employees, so that we can grow together

Book keeping – now I know how important this is, it is like google analytics for finance.

least of all – Mind your own business, move with like minded people, never waste your time on un-wanted resources.

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