The golden age – Old age


For many or almost any person who live, it is about living and passing on generations to come. I read a post of a young blogger Prerna ,I am quite amazed by her thought process. I am about to answer a portion of her question – old age.

Once I was like her, liberated, lived my life, took life head on. Yes, I was the King at home, until now.

Age is catching up, I realize my body doesn’t go along with my mind. Yup, I am still young by mind.  I am about to tell you my experience, Which will surely put me in shame, at least it will be a good thought process for the readers.

My friends couldn’t believe, that my Mom and yours truly don’t get well along. She is sweet, I too love her, just that she get on to the nerves . It is because she loves me tooooo much, at all times she doesn’t want me to get hurt. I am still a boy for her.

My kid was growing under my parent’s vision, which I didn’t like. My first son did some thing mischievous, I scolded him. She couldn’t take it. We fought over the issue. My parent left my home, Well they are at my native place now, awesome home when I want retreat, I spend some time there. Currently I have one satisfaction, they don’t get to know my pressure which I now undergo, else they would feel depressed for each and other thing and spoil their health. They are happy, they call up, talk to us. I am the one who feels guilty as charged for not taking care of my parents.


This is what happens when you don’t respect elders, why would they need to put up with you.

Remember one thing – You too are getting old, You too will have the same situation, facing your son or daughters. What you teach and behave is what your children do to you.

Yes, everybody feels insecure, when age catches up.

I will tell you about another incident of an unknown friend, She fought with her in-laws over custody of her children, she even went a head a complained at police station. People who provoked her are happy at home with their families.

What her husband and her in-laws undergo the public embarrassment did take a toll on her family life. Will not certainly share what she is going through. Some one’s misery is always happiness for public.

It should be worth fighting for, not for some small issues, Life threatening ones. Do fight it seriously. At times being submissive does means you lost the fight, at times it means you respect them, at times you forgive their ignorance, at times you teach you children how to be submissive. 😉

4 thoughts on “The golden age – Old age

  1. i might be way to generalising..i guess asians in general are way too sentimental and sensitive when it comes to family..compared to works both ways..our family system maybe much tightly bonded..but it comes with these frictions as well…i base this on the drama series i watch…take “everybody loves raymond”, a famous sitcom from mid 90’s onwards. It dealt with similar situations of MIL vs DIL, SIL vs his inlaws..parent vs child relation post marriage..and tonnes of other relation related (sic) issues..but ina very lighthearted way…had the same been in our local drama wud’ve been melodramatic tearjerkers…nothing wrong with either way of projecting things..but as long as you dwell over it..everything begins to hurt sometime. Just trying to voice my offence meant. 🙂

  2. You aren’t alone 🙂 we all love our parents, but yes, they tend to get on our nerves sometime. Every time this happens i rewind and think of all the patience my mum had to accumulate to raise me..and instantly (ok not instantly, still) the anger vanishes. It is not with a sense of returning the favour that i speak of here- now i know that there are very, very few people who think and wish me all good- and my parents are among them. I would never want to hurt them in any way with my actions. 😀

  3. I tend to agree with Gils when he says that we are bit sentimental and overwhelmed by the whole “family” relationships. When one marries, it is best to live as one separate unit. Many problems in families arise because of in laws who live with the married children. Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean that living separately is not respecting or loving our parents. It’s just that they have a rhythm and we have a rhythm when it comes to running the family. And, when one lives with parents, we are always seen as children in their eyes and no matter what we do seems worthy of scrutiny by the parents. We would want to raise our children in one way but the grandparents would want to raise them in another way. So it’s better we are away from them.

    It is true that we can never repay our parents for what they’ve done for us, but why should we. It’s a relationship that cannot be broken so why harbour guilt that you cannot take care of them. I think we need to take some lessons from the Western world on this. My two cents.

    Joy always,

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