Flash for IOS devices, Indeed a joke by Adobe.

I have worked on AS1,AS3 and using the Flash IDE for the past 9 years, and I love Flash for that rich internet experience. Recently after Steve jobs had banned flash on IOS devices, Adobe did want to give some help for flash developers. That is much appreciated, but there is huge gap on what the developers want and what Adobe is providing.

Why I now hate Adobe on Flash Programming for IOS devices?

  1. Not enough resources on the Adobe site which tells developers on what Flash is capable of doing on an IOS devices.
  2. There are enough resources you will find on the web on “Blitting for Flash”. Well you could speed up your game, but for what? if you don’t have an API for “Game Centre” or for the “Notifications”. That game is useless.
  3. Flash is not powerful enough to work along with iPhone internal resources like “Address Book”, “Camera-roll”, “Calendar”, “Camera”, “Mic” etc some hinderance or the other.

The expectations of developer and where Adobe failed

  1. You can’t think on a serious collaborative app because flash cannot offer “Notifications”
  2. You may have serious plan for a game and offer the same code across different platforms “Desktop – Air”, “web – flash”, “IOS- APP”, “Android – APP”. But will not have “Game centre”

I just wasted a month on researching on the web and trying hands on experience in creating few apps. Adobe might be working on optimization and even think about releasing API’s which work across platforms. But with no support for notifications is turn down for most developers.

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