Using Flash swf + Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit over HTTPS – IE issue fix

My product works over HTTPS and I had to serve a flash application, but there was one weird behavior in IE, the security Dialog box stated an Error

“This page contains both secure and non
secure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?” YES, NO

I was using Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit to embed my flash application as my application needed to communicate with Javascript variables.

I tried google to find some answers but was in vain. Finally started to look in to Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit js files to find the culprit. There was a hard coded URL in the js file “FlashTag.js”

flashTag += ‘codebase=”’+this.version+'” ‘;

flashTag += ‘pluginspage=””>’;

All I had to do was replace http with https the problem got resolved

flashTag += ‘codebase=”’+this.version+'” ‘;

flashTag += ‘pluginspage=””>’;

You can even question me why should I use Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit in the first place when I have the “ExternalInterface” Class. If you are targeting flash player less than 8 version.

Thought this should be a useful to some one who got stuck up with the IE security error dialog box.

Happy flashing…

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