Ask your Maid before a puff – quiet funny

A friend of mine just forwarded me the link from “The Telegraph“. So our current health minister has released the statement.

Post excerpts:

Rules likely to be ready in about three months will seek to make workplaces across the nation tobacco-free

Smoking is banned in public …..

“People can then smoke on the roads or at home,” Ramadoss said, then added that even a home is a “workplace” for maids, and people wishing to smoke at home may need to seek permission from the maid.

the best part is this one

However, a senior official told The Telegraph that the health ministry was yet to figure out how to draw up rules for smoking at home.

If you are trying to save people, Please ban the products in the market, Just like what happened for Gutka (Pan Parag and it me too products)

The law just seemed to take control, just because the media is watching them, as soon some other topic comes in to the main picture, the rest is forgotten

Now every Gutka products are still available in the market

Does any government has any guts to ban the following

  1. Gutka
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Alcohol
  4. and prostitution

we all know that the revenue comes from the above mentioned first three points

So won’t the statements look funny for the readers.

I completely accept that the above law is good for the people. Hope this works.

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3 thoughts on “Ask your Maid before a puff – quiet funny

  1. hi

    pls set the song “Laree Chooti” from the movie “Ek chalis ki last local” as my caller tune ASAP


  2. V, nice! A complete ban sometimes don’t help. The problem with bans is that the black market starts to flourish. Another solution is needed..maybe education!

  3. Ash,
    Believe me a complete ban is the solution, our politicians are corrupt, most of them run the business in alias name. So even a ban cannot stop them.

    This just reminds me of asking you the question
    Why are drugs banned?

    Let them be available, just the way cigarette and alcohol.

    Don’t you think people who smoke cigarette don’t know the after effects. still continue to smoke.

    If India needs a healthier and young generation – the ban is the solution.

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