Flash 8 Context Menu Bug – no work around

Flash 8 has an excellent example of creating a context Menu, but the issue I faced was when I used actionscript to dynamically attached clips on stage and on right click I want to activate the Context Menu.

It seems like there is Bug with context menu in flash 8 player, one example from a user I found on Kaourantin page which would actually crash the browser, player or even flash 8 IDE, so I turned around to check for any work around’s, found one on Abdul Quabiz site (link to the context menu workaround page), well, his workaround also was not of big help to me.

No one from the flash team seems to say when the bug will be fixed or will there be any issue tracking page for the flash users to check whether the same has been fixed so that we could update our software. BTW I had updated my flash 8, still I am unable to make this functionality working on my product.

hope some day there will fix to this Context Menu.

Kindly Note: I am unable to attach my flash source file as I don’t have public domain where I can upload files for all you to download and test the files. If any one has a workaround please let me know.


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