Easy way to pop() your Array List

I have been working on Arrays in Flash and had to repopulate the array with the new set of values. I have been using array.pop() method to empty the list with a for loop, currently I found an easier way


   1:  var a_arr:Array = new Array("one","two","three");
   2:  var b_arr:Array = new Array("one","two","three");
   4:  function clearArray(arr:Array):Void
   5:  {
   6:      arr.splice(0,arr.length);
// splice removes elements from index,count
   7:  }
   8:  function oldarraypopmethod(arr:Array):Void
   9:  {
  10:     for(var i:Number=0;i
  11:     arr.pop();
  12:  }
  13:  // new method 
  14:  trace("before a_arr"+ a_arr.toString());
  15:  clearArray(a_arr);
  16:  trace("after a_arr"+ a_arr.toString());
  17:  trace("before b_arr"+ b_arr.toString());
  18:  oldarraypopmethod(b_arr);
  19:  trace("after b_arr"+ b_arr.toString());
I find the new Method doesn't take too much line. 
The above line of code can be applied to JavaScript too.


One thought on “Easy way to pop() your Array List

  1. i guess the solution can be even like this :

    var a_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,“two”,“three”);
    var b_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,“two”,“three”);
    a_arr = [];//to clear the array.

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