Night Photography, Aadi velli celebrations

We all love Aadi velli.  But some time takes a toll on the traffic, because of this celebrations the roads were blocked the traffic was diverted, was wondering did God ever wanted it this way. By the way how come Chennai Government give permission or do they ever need permission to block the road. See… Continue reading Night Photography, Aadi velli celebrations

Kabul experience @ chennai

Kabul is posh restaurant, and  I happen to there with my family this afternoon. The ambiance is really good, and I loved the chandler over there. Oh about the pricing it should be close to 300+ per person. It is been long time since I visited this place, trust me the place has changed, 2… Continue reading Kabul experience @ chennai

McDonald now @ AnnaNagar Chennai, Launch today

McDonalds Congrats, and thanks for bringing it to AnnaNagar Chennai. Ascendas Chennai outlet was a real pain. McDonalds covered the entire roundtana AnnaNagar for its promotion, check out the photos.OK the outlet is next to Shah's. See and download the full gallery on posterous

Ghost and the Devil

It took 2 months to grow the beard and moustache, people around me started to ask me "Is any thing wrong?" Thank you all, for being patient with me. The photos didn't turn out really well, but effort and time gives you a better experience. My wife and I really enjoyed taking the photos while our babies 8… Continue reading Ghost and the Devil