Learn Ajax from the pioneers – YUI, Yahoo

Yahoo has made a Ajax tutorials and examples for developers, currently available at their developers network site.They have named the library as YUI – Yahoo User Interface Library click here to reach the site Yahoo has been in the sleep mode for some time, I felt they had given up on Google. I guess they… Continue reading Learn Ajax from the pioneers – YUI, Yahoo

Stock Photos – List

This is just a log of all stock photo sites 😉 http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm http://stock.briony.cc/site/index.php http://office.microsoft.com/clipart/default.aspx http://orangetrash.d2.hu/ http://www.photolib.noaa.gov/ http://www.freestockphotos.com/ http://www.farmphoto.com/ http://www.sxc.hu http://www.dieblen.de/ http://www.freeimages.co.uk/ http://www.mediaphoto.com.br/index.php?leng=eng http://gallery.hd.org/index.jsp http://gallery.yahoo.com/ http://www.photolibrary.fema.gov/ http://www.photolibrary.fema.gov/photolibrary/index.jsp http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/index.html http://www.visipix.com/ http://photobox.ru/ http://www.photocase.de/ http://www.morguefile.com/ http://www.pixelperfectdigital.com/ http://www.imageafter.com/ http://kepek.creart.hu/index.php?oldal=1&kat=1&nyelv=en http://www.freemediagoo.com/ http://stock.kriegsnet.com/ http://unprofound.com/pix/ http://www.niblack.org/imagebase/ http://aarinfreephoto.com/ http://blackat9.tripod.com/ http://www.freefoto.com/index.jsp http://www.photos.external.lmco.com/ http://www.im-visions.com/ http://www.stock.b-man.dk/ http://www.photo.net/stock/ http://www.pdphoto.org/ http://www.istockphoto.com

Opening url in fullscreen

with no address bar, menu bar and standard buttons Works on IE 5.5, Mozilla1.77, FireFox 1.0.5 rather to say checked the same on these version of browsers Scenario: http://www.fxtremecoder.com and you want the html to open in fullscreen and disable the addressbar, menubar and even the standard buttons, more or less a popup window but… Continue reading Opening url in fullscreen