Bloggers, own your domain


  1. It happened that a post on a facebook CBC group that A blog has plagiarized our member blog post.
  2. Apart from that, I learned from and CBCian “Sylvian” that Google can also own your content and if needed they could use them for their own purpose if needed, that is what policy says.
  3. For what you write, blogger or wordpress or any subdomain owners contribution improves ranking for the domain i.e or etc

Here is what I learned, once I moved to my domain. What ever I write or the media belongs to me, all rights reserved.

Who should move to their own domain?

If you are casual blogger, occasional post and probably feel you would not make a dent in the universe, then it is a big no.
People who are trying to creating their own branding in any genre, name it fashion, photography, tech blogger etc, should plan to move.

How can you avoid plagiarism?

If you use wordpress CMS, there is a plugin available “Yoast WordPress SEO” under RSS feeds you could customize your URL, so what happens, if bots copy your content, still it points to your own domain and not his. I am sure, your design company could also write a custom plugin to solve this problem.

RSS feed

Click on the image to have a larger view.

So who is the content owner now?

It is you

What about your ranking for your work?

If you can write for a subdomain owner, why not for you and create own branding image.

Due Credits

Being a photographer I feel like a sucker at most times, when my friends to friend of friends download my photo and upload to their profile on Facebook and don’t pass on the due credits.

It just happens all the time for a photographer alone. I have fought with a close friend right on Facebook and indeed lost  the entire confidence of his family. I lost him.

But the worst thing is that other professionals are not vulnerable to this kind of attack.

Why me?



Velankanni – extended trip no:1 – 2013

001 002 003 004 005 velankanni

A larger view of photos can be found here
This post is a continuation of  Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013

As I said we reached Karikal, had to meet a relative and from there we set out to Nagapattinam to reach Velankanni in the morning.

Velankanni is a commercial place, yet the temple didn’t sound any were near to commercial when compared to Tirupathi or other places. Devotees maintained silence and the place prevailed tranquility.

Seems like this place is the new Velankanni, there seemed to an existence of old Church in that vicinity. I heard it from an other friend who had been to both the Velankanni. I did miss to visit this Church.

This photo should give you an idea about the old shrine no 4.

Layout of the Basilica complex. 1.Basilica, 2....

Layout of the Basilica complex. 1.Basilica, 2.Nadu Thittu shrine-site of second apparition, 3. Adoration & Reconciliation chapel, 4.Our Lady’s Pond-site of first apparition, 5.Stations of the cross, 6.Stations of the Rosary, 7.Stations of the Sacraments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I said commercial it is because I did see few more Churches in the near vicinity, heard a story about locals demanding work in the areas of maintenance around the Church, the locals have seen the improvements, they feel there is a lot of money. Well I can’t prove you by numbers, Could be rumor floating around the Church.

011 010

Photography was not allowed inside the Church, meaning they didn’t want distractions for the devotees. All of you would have watched the live event of the Church broadcasted on TV networks.

Velankanni amazed me with the kind of architecture and how the place has been maintained.

Wish the beaches had been maintained properly, for the kind revenue coming in. Proactively the locals around could have take little care.


Finally a suggestion If you ever wanted to take a trip to Thanjavur, take the Trichy highway, Yes the highway is extended till Thanjavur, you will be making more miles, certainly your car doesn’t have to suffer the bad roads, neither the driver has to undergo fatigue.

I am not sure about the ECR route, If there is any one who has taken this route, please do comment.
Well now there aren’t good roads to Nagapattinam. Guess we will have to wait.

The golden age – Old age


For many or almost any person who live, it is about living and passing on generations to come. I read a post of a young blogger Prerna ,I am quite amazed by her thought process. I am about to answer a portion of her question – old age.

Once I was like her, liberated, lived my life, took life head on. Yes, I was the King at home, until now.

Age is catching up, I realize my body doesn’t go along with my mind. Yup, I am still young by mind.  I am about to tell you my experience, Which will surely put me in shame, at least it will be a good thought process for the readers.

My friends couldn’t believe, that my Mom and yours truly don’t get well along. She is sweet, I too love her, just that she get on to the nerves . It is because she loves me tooooo much, at all times she doesn’t want me to get hurt. I am still a boy for her.

My kid was growing under my parent’s vision, which I didn’t like. My first son did some thing mischievous, I scolded him. She couldn’t take it. We fought over the issue. My parent left my home, Well they are at my native place now, awesome home when I want retreat, I spend some time there. Currently I have one satisfaction, they don’t get to know my pressure which I now undergo, else they would feel depressed for each and other thing and spoil their health. They are happy, they call up, talk to us. I am the one who feels guilty as charged for not taking care of my parents.


This is what happens when you don’t respect elders, why would they need to put up with you.

Remember one thing – You too are getting old, You too will have the same situation, facing your son or daughters. What you teach and behave is what your children do to you.

Yes, everybody feels insecure, when age catches up.

I will tell you about another incident of an unknown friend, She fought with her in-laws over custody of her children, she even went a head a complained at police station. People who provoked her are happy at home with their families.

What her husband and her in-laws undergo the public embarrassment did take a toll on her family life. Will not certainly share what she is going through. Some one’s misery is always happiness for public.

It should be worth fighting for, not for some small issues, Life threatening ones. Do fight it seriously. At times being submissive does means you lost the fight, at times it means you respect them, at times you forgive their ignorance, at times you teach you children how to be submissive. ;)



Here is my take on forefathers ideas and questioning self why they did this?

I am sure most of you know what this is? IMG_7173_s  but do you know what for?


was it to drive evil spirits – hell not.

It was to drive lizards, files. The bright color made it look venomous and smell of citric acid to keep away flies.  

By the way where is the righteous place to place this, that I leave it for you to answer.


Now you may ask why place on the truck



OK, Ok the lemon and green Chilies are missing. Our Kollywood actor Vivek makes fun of this. Any guess?
People are easily associated with fear, If evil spirits are driven away for home why not for the truck. Hope you get it. BTW where is the Lizard and flies near the truck. ;)
Either our ancestors where worried about trade secrets or lazy enough to communicate through generations

Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013

541654_444268548974968_941484117_n 29017_444266862308470_108587006_n534774_445175508884272_307805382_n404448_445175538884269_429721220_n 11937_445176165550873_1322895957_n 64883_444769585591531_488048960_n535033_445176315550858_990678627_n  536181_445176335550856_1899895151_n563523_445175652217591_2127103605_n480557_445550175513472_1403610880_n481636_445550435513446_1629731465_n 


Photos are in random, you can have a larger view of the photos here 

This is the first time I started later part of the day for a trip, usually I start by 5:00 AM just that I had to pick my in laws from Railway station and they too where joining our trip. We started around 9:00 AM. Here is what the plan

  1. Chidambaram temple
  2. Kumabakonam lots a lots, wanted to see at least one
  3. for sure the Big temple at Thanjavur
  4. And for the large shrine at Velankanni  at Nagapattinam

that was my bucket list for 2 days. They say it takes 5 and half hours of journey to Trichy by road, and I heard the route to Kumbakonam was bad, Chidambaram route i.e the ECR was dangerous. So finally deviated from our Chennai – Trichy toll road to Panruti and all the way to Kumbakonam. But on the way, we realized that all temples would be close and open only at 4 PM so we drove down to Thanjavur

Just before I forget, let me tell you about the roadways, On the way Kumbakonam, Panruti was a nice place, village where awesome sight, green, greener & serene. The roads where bad that it woke up the passengers at sleep when a pot hole was hit. My average KMPH reduced from 80-20 KMPH. I was wasting lot of time, PETROL and my effort in driving

The very view of the temple from the road side was so huge that I realized it would take a minimum of an hour to see the temple site. True it took that much time.

My experience on the temple

The Brihadeeswara temple also called as the Big Temple is true sight which would gasp your breath, sculptors and the vastness of place with well-balanced space between temples of worship. It was peace when you look at the Nandi and the Lingams placed around the main shrine. By the way there are awesome paintings on the walls, few faded but still it was a feast for eyes.

I sure missed the Thanjavur Palace, also called as Maratha palace it is in close proximity of the Brihadeewara temple. But time was running out. We had to reach Karikal the same day, had accommodations there, so started from the Brihadeeswara temple i.e the Big temple of Thanjavur at 5:30PM. When we where at Karikal it was 10:00PM 

Will post things about Velankanni in the next post, till then take care watch this space.


What Chennai means to me as a Photographer?

This post is a part of an initiative by Chennai Bloggers’ Club; a Facebook community for like-minded bloggers. Around 30 odd bloggers are writing about, What Chennai Means to Them.
This tag was before taken up by Jothi Vel Moorthi Who says “who never blogs :-)” fortunately he does blog occasionally like me.

Mera Bharat Mahan. <3

How I got interested in Photography ?

Photography is my passion now my livelihood. I have faint remembrance of yashica electro 35 a range finder, film camera which was a proud and prestigious possession of my uncle who had just returned from gulf. The best part is that very few camera owners knew about the working technology. Most of them flaunt by taking few clicks of their relatives,friends and soon on. Finally when they are broke would sell them off.

I own one such vintage camera after my marriage. My father in law, who was a proud owner, never sold it nor gifted it to me or rather say that i forcibly took it from him for the love of photography.

For my 1st son’s birthday I bought a Olympus sp 500uz power shot type camera which was slightly better than the point and shoot. That marked the end of film rolls at my place. What I loved this camera was the macro shots and manual controls which a dslr has but had to dig in to menus to get the right settings.

When my 2nd sons was born I was still hanging around with my Olympus, a colleague brought a canon 1000D he took few photos of us. The picture quality and the results prompted me to buy the Dslr.

So I bought my canon 500D been shooting since 2007.

I always wanted to set out early in the morning for my photo shoots. Learnt that I had to kick two of my bad habits

  1. Smoking cigarettes
  2. Consuming alcohol

The side effects of late night alcohol consumption is that, if you tend to wake early you have bad head ache, yes I meant the hang over. Were as for the Cigarettes, if you smoked early morning, you know what happens, Nature call you first. lol.

Now I pass the blog tag to

VJ Eshwar, Loves to write a lot but fails to print the publish button :P

Reaching God’s Own Country

In the recent times, I have traveled by car from Chennai, TamilNadu to Thrissur, Kerala. For sure an unplanned trip to unavailability of train tickets had forced me to take my car.

The travel had helped my family to rejuvenate, healthy debates to long family conversations & plans for future to avoiding disasters.

Now to story, What I love about the road trip?
Of course it is the roads and road side scenery.  It is those broad and almost safe roads from Chennai till Salem, after which few developments on roadways, all the way till Coimbatore. The only feeling is that we pay more tax and still continue to pay whopping toll fees.

Once you reach Walayar, for sure you know that you have stepped in to God’s own country. Your car which was skimming on a buttered roadways at high speeds finally sees a narrow lane, filled with potholes, some patched and dangerously brushing buses which slide on the opposite side of the road.

Your average speed drops from 60 to less than 20KMPH.

What people of Kerala and it politicians have to know and understand?
Infrastructure, road developments & Power i.e Electricity. If Kerala starts to understand and even puts in 10% of the effort of what TamilNadu and Karnataka have been doing. They can make progress. I am sure the future developments will be bound to happen to Kerala after the much saturated neighboring states. For sure Kerala and its people will probably feel that pinch later for their unplanned developments in the State. Well for sure, Tamilnadu is feeling that pinch for every 2 hour power cut daily in the Chennai city, While Kerala seems like heaven for a scheduled split power cuts of half an hour in morning and night, for a consolidated one hour power cut in the state.

From Chennai to Coimbatore, I could reach for lunch in to day’s road conditions, for sure if Kerala thinks about infrastructure developments, I can make it up to Palaghat ;) There is lot more to read in between the lines, Chennai – Bangalore 6 hours, their future developments could be just 2 hours. It means business.

Meet Ganesha

Ana Thavalam

Ana Thavalam

Ana Thavalam

Ana Thavalam

Ana Thavalam

Ana Thavalam

From the above pictures, can you find Ganesha. I found him in this condition at Ana Thavalam, Kerala. The white patches what you see is bird droppings.

Here is one more photo, the lively Ganesha is also not spared, Trust me they take good care of all Ganesha’s very well, I shot this before his bath.

Ana Thavalam

Ana Thavalam

16 kids, 9 Men, 9 Women @ MGM Resorts

25th of December last year we had been to MGM resorts for lunch, So this time we decided to have a get together at their resorts. It was a one day trip.

What I liked at MGM resorts?

  1. The beach, well not that clean, for the guest area it is clean
  2. The rooms, and their service. Liked it very much

Why MGM resorts doesn’t deserve to have families as clients

  1. Awful bar and its bartender, for the size of a resort like that, it should be big. The Chennai City has much bigger bars. Trust me this place is so so crowded, The attitude of the bartender is like “we are free loaders”.
  2. The children playground is good and decent play area, hope they don’t mind cleaning up the rust.
  3. The food, last year’s lunch made us to stay, this year they are loosing all the nine families.

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