Lets talk life -helping eachother

I was there yesterday evening attending, Lets talk life – topic was on “Mental illness”, which was moderated by Nandhitha & Sharada. I should say, I had an awesome session hearing to lot of pain from the speakers i.e their own personal experiences which caused them pain & a learning session on how to overcome them, in turn how… Continue reading Lets talk life -helping eachother

Never late to learn a new thing

I wanted to shoot Cinematic Video, bought few gears but was struglling to make a good video. Finally learned the conepts from Leonard Han. Photo courtesy:Friends from my workshop   These are few highlights from ” Leonard Han DSLR Videography Workshop 2016, Bangalore” Pratice Pratice Practice, he kept saying that. Ask Questions during the session – It… Continue reading Never late to learn a new thing

What spirituality means to me???

That very feeling of feeling a breath in and breath out and staying alive Don’t you think we are the wonders of this universe, not knowing, not understanding the purpose of our own lives. Until we feel “pain”,” failure” and so on. When someone says they went all the way to Himalayas to find their… Continue reading What spirituality means to me???

Terracotta exhibition- bring the mud back

It is lively event kids and adults get to practice/enjoy the following 1) make diya type mud cups 2) kids get to color mud pots & vessels 3) make shapes out of mud 4) organic food 5) buy terracotta art materials 6) get a health consultation, yes heard it right 7) and a store next… Continue reading Terracotta exhibition- bring the mud back

End of the day – was a Life saved?

It is a story of my childhood friend who rocked the corporate world during his peak. Names of the characters have been changed to keep the privacy. My friend Sabari had been in to automobile car sales industry with an amazing experience and had an opportunity to work for a well known reputed bank to… Continue reading End of the day – was a Life saved?