kite photography – India

French Photographer Nicolas Chorier who is specialized in Kite Photography has taken photographs from different parts of India, If you are a photographer, Don’t miss these amazing Photos at the BBC Technorati Tags: Photography, Photos, India, WOW, Kite Photography, Nicolas Chorier, inspiration, wow

Transparent Apple Laptops

If you are ardent fan of Apple, here is some thing  of your interest. If you like to watch the video here is the link from metacafe. Been thinking how Apple alone makes innovative stuffs which keep bringing WOW’S. I believe it has got something to do with the Apple fans. The buying power –… Continue reading Transparent Apple Laptops

Dreamweaver good bye, YAML Welcome

YAML is the the new way of designing web layouts. Adhering  to the Web standards Support of major browsers WYSIWYG options. When my title said Dreamweaver goodbye, I meant only for creating layouts, YAML compliments Adobe Dreaweaver. If you are a web designer or a web developer, kindly take a test drive on the YAML Builder.… Continue reading Dreamweaver good bye, YAML Welcome

Fiat 500 – can India Car manufacturers make-over

Are you Fiat Fan? Then you can look for these Fiat – 500 cars on Indian roads very soon. Happen to stumble upon, which had these amazing make-over for the Fiat- 500, Wow the site was really cool, check the videos section. Most hatchback version can adopt the style. They look like the mini… Continue reading Fiat 500 – can India Car manufacturers make-over

Orkut just got redesigned

Orkut rocks again, People at orkut, google have just redesigned the interface – GUI. The home page looks much neater more white space oh no it is blue background. Well looks like some one got inspired from the Microsoft sharepoint , fluid layout with hanging expandable navigation left bar. The logo just got smaller, top… Continue reading Orkut just got redesigned