What could be the Ideal Business for mGinger?

Dudes strike this deal, Here is my business proposal or call it a new marketing concept, on Digital Advertisements Call up a meeting with all mobile service providers. You already have the user’s preference of likes and dislikes. Now you don’t have to SMS any one. Instead put up Plasma displays every where in the… Continue reading What could be the Ideal Business for mGinger?

mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

Do you want to get paid for the SMS which you receive on your mobile? Here are the ad providers, who would send SMS on your mobile and you could eventually earn money for viewing and deleting the SMS. Currently the site says How much money can I make? Ads you receive per day X… Continue reading mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

[DIY] Save on Tax Money – India

As many of you have been taking sessions with your financial adviser on how to cut tax. Most of you will agree with me that their suggestion were take up a L.I.C policy buy a new home Invest in PPF Invest in Indira vikas patra Mutual Fund (tax saver) etc etc But how many of… Continue reading [DIY] Save on Tax Money – India

How important is important interruption?

Few days a ago we meet Ms. Sukeshini Grandhi a PhD candidate and currently doing an intern for Nielsen Norman group, yeah the usability guru Jacob Nielsen, she was at our campus. Her work seems to be fascinating, she expressed her current passion, working on personal notification system (something like that) it is more or… Continue reading How important is important interruption?

End to Anonymous Phone Calls & Privacy

I guess Citibank  is the first to be proactive to put an end to anonymous Phone calls, promotional mailers (spam mails). Yesterday I received a Mail from Citibank asking me for the preference of me receiving the mails. I remember the same when I worked in Clasticon Solutions a year ago, My friend Navin told me… Continue reading End to Anonymous Phone Calls & Privacy

Red Swoosh – File sharing as diffrernt concept

I am quiet thrilled about this product as such amazing p2p file-sharing utility. Amazing conceptHow do you actually download files using a torrent, which we usually visit some torrent listing site, find the url and start downloading How about, you create your own list on your website and you and your friends start downloading a… Continue reading Red Swoosh – File sharing as diffrernt concept

Show me your links I will tell who you are?

Does the title seems to annoy you, just because I am about to discover what you surfed all night and day, what were you interest on, well I know you could be hiding yourself behind a firewall still I could predict who you are. The saying goes like this “Show me your friends, I will… Continue reading Show me your links I will tell who you are?