Lesson which I learnt one for the road

Past Week was an excellent week, where every thing went well, and all things at my work place was going excellent. unfortunately this week was a terrible experience.
Things started to deteriorate,
The reason which I sited was
waking up late, I usually wake up at 5:30 AM and have few odd job at my apts, I am one responsible to open the gates and switch on the motor for water, well every one takes turn every month and this month was mine.
That means I was going to home late at night and was not getting proper sleep.
And on top I was trying to keep up my time. I should say I should blame myself

Why should I race against time?
All jobs on time, well I should have known that by probability everything will not be success

I woke up this morning at 5:45 AM so things were not the same today. I slammed my hand against the wall while trying to switch on the motor
That was the 1st sign, I was a moron (well most of friends do know at adventnet that I am)๐Ÿ˜‰
feeling more sleepy I was racing myself against time. I was reading paper doing all odd jobs at home and went to take bath late
didn’t have breakfast the usual time
didn’t dress up my son and myself
Started blaming my wife that atleast, she could have fixed the odds things for me. well here I am the one to blame, how could she do my job which is meant to be mine. poor girl, she just kept quiet

so went on to do my usual routine, I had to drop my son at school, remember I was still racing against time.
My son likes riding on my Yamaha RX 135, The killer bike. He sits on the front of me.
We started the unusual way, I drove my bike than the usual speed. well I was on 50 KMPH than the usual 40-45 KMPH.
So what happened, we met with an terrible accident



Fortunately, by gods grace, my son had few bruises, one on the left leg and left hand and one slightly major bruise on the head
Luckily I took the major share, the left side of my hand leg and my hip had major bruises, fortunately I was wearing helmet

So friends
What is the lesson?

wake up early
if you do something wrong, just relax, blame yourself for every action (not your wife), If you are late, nothing wrong, you could be right tomorrow, Imagine if you are not there tomorrow that is even worse.

One good lesson I learnt today.

Even I drop my son late and school and I had to be in-front of the school principal, I will whole heartily take the blame for my action
let me do it countless time, both of us are there alive, and for you readers My office doesn’t have office timing, it is my son who doesn’t like to go to school late, he has nagging/complaining habit, that I didn’t make it on time, probably he got this whole thing from me.

Punctuality is good. Keep up the reason, keep yourself alive. and drive safely and slow and steady wins the race, don;t race against time, you could win time many times, if you loose once, you loose for your lifetime

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Gosh!!! errors which could cost this product

Saw this post on Gashsoon blogs, this one will surely make you laugh. This one is condom box watch the description. So graphics designers/tech writers have to careful with the text atleast the quality guys shouldn't have missed this. Imagine after reading this will there be any customers for this product.
click here to view the post

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What is the difference between Fear & Brave?

During my school days, when my friends and myself where playing football on the school corridor, I happened to hit the ball and that just landed on the head of a girl, She was tall, Huge All I could feel is a lump of air on my throat getting down, and every one on the scene just vanished in thin air, because it was such a blow any one could expect.
So this is what is fear.
It took few seconds for me to overcome that fear and realise my mistake what I had done, I just went a head and apologized.
It was the last few days of the school and friends where exchanging the Autographs, one page I saw a comment which said
"Brave is some one who experiences fear and overcomes fear and fight against the fear"
I was quite surprised and BTW she is now in Indian Airforce serving the country.

Well I just want to telll you one more thing, Do scare your kids by saying that there are Ghosts and Vampires, It takes a longer time to overcome this fear because every day they will have to face darkness at some point of time, most of them carry it to the grave. Well you could make them fear from you, they will overcome that and become brave๐Ÿ˜‰

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Is Sex a bad thing in life

Creating Passionate Users

The above blog have the Logo with the word SEX does this mean that the blogs are not worth looking at. Sex has evolved for the mature and not for the Under 18. I remember My parents say don't see those movies when I was KID, well do these Indian theater stop the kids from watching those movies, What it all ends up to is making Money, well SEX just sells most of the things. Well a provocative SEXY ad just sells what it wants.

After all SEX is not a bad thing in life –

  1. It keeps you young
  2. Makes you feel young
  3. Makes you feel happy
  4. Makes you feel you are loved

but after all this Stopping people from getting awareness of What SEX is in INDIA, we have been on the top of the charts on the world population list. I remember when MTV, Channel [V] and few more channels were actually screened before telecast on the Indian television, and even movies where and it still remains the same.

What did our government do to help people know what sex is all about?

  1. Do we have any control on AIDS
  2. Have we ever stopped all the RED LIGHTS areas

Oh I am getting really mean….

And What does it finally lead to "MONEY" every goddamn thing ends up here.

The whole post is for My Friends who are at LASVEGAS and I am at Chennai writing this blog while these guys are at the SINCITY.

BEYBLADE – amazing addiction among Kids

Beleive it or not, when I was young I love to play with the Top, Just like the beyblade, But that top was just INR 1 (Indian rupee) or so at that time, but the pricing of Beyblade is INR 299. I am not complaining about the pricing because of the user-Experience. My son had a local version of the Beyblade which was INR 35. It worked the same way as the Original BeyBlade.

Now What was I talking about

The Whole 1 hour was real fun for both of Us (my Wife and myself) Whether he became a winner or not, we were the real winners for the price of INR 299.


Today morning as he woke up the first thing he asked me was, Shall we go to the competition today. I asked him Why, you had been just there yesterday.
Junior say "I need to Win" Huh….


Inspite of all of these I just forgot to mention a bitter experience which I experienced yesterday. There were exactly 90 entries allowed for a day I guess, I saw a kid aged 8-10 with his dad came to the mall. By the time, the competition had timeout to take any more entries. I felt bad, I felt WESTSIDE and FUNSKOOL guys should have made a point that they were later and inspite being late they still entertain them. That would have been a better experience I guess, and BTW he will not have lost that customer for a life time. Because most of US know What Junior LOVES and Enjoys makes you happy.