Let the Game continue – NSFW

NSFW – Not safe for work.The content isn’t that vulgar, depends on your boss “it could be your wife too ;). “I would say the site should atleast score 5 stars for its execution. (hey sarathy uv are you listening, he is a budding director)  Good story boarding and ultimate use of technology (flash flv… Continue reading Let the Game continue – NSFW

Create StoryBoard/ presentation with toonDoo or Fix8

What is ToonDoo? ToonDoo let you to create your own storyboard or presentation. Comic characters come to life with respect to your creativity. Well something like you don’t need a graphic artist or designer to create a cartoon character to tell the story of what you have in your mind. So What is Fix8? Well… Continue reading Create StoryBoard/ presentation with toonDoo or Fix8

Google follows UI of WordPress

There was a mailer from Google analytics team saying they had made a new version of the product. First impression, The dashboard looks cool with bring colors, options are ultimate. To my surprise Google Analytics reports UI looks much similar representation as WordPress blogger report UI, well even the hover of mouse. I know it… Continue reading Google follows UI of WordPress

Flash Addiction Game – Paper Pilot

One of best reality games built on flash, This has been a game you would have probably played in your classrooms, playground or at your sweet home. Amazing physics and wonderful reality. (few things are still missing like wind direction etc but that is ok) May be you could teach you kid on how to… Continue reading Flash Addiction Game – Paper Pilot

N Game -Flash game, beware total addiction

Beware: This game is total addiction. The file size so small (371 KB). You could download it to your computer and play it while you are disconnected from the Internet. Physics is awesome. Minute details are great, when the guys skids,  or when the rocket hit the guy. Game play – 5 Star. If you… Continue reading N Game -Flash game, beware total addiction

ESC key capture failed IE6 & flash player 8

Currently been working on a flash project where the ESC sequence was of much use. The ESC key got captured perfectly in FireFox 2.0, IE 7 but failed in IE6. Here are the screenshots of IE6 version on which I have tested Here is the flashplayer version checked on Adobe Here is the Flash Actionscript… Continue reading ESC key capture failed IE6 & flash player 8

Array() VS Array()

What is the fundamental difference between the two arrays when dealt with the functions pointer2array() and duplicateArray()   1: var original_arr:Array = new Array() 2: var some_arr:Array = new Array(“one”,”two”,”three”) 3:   4: function pointer2array(){ 5: original_arr = some_arr 6: } 7: function duplicateArray(){ 8: for(var k:Number=0;k 9: original_arr.push(some_arr[k]); 10: } 11: } first using… Continue reading Array() VS Array()