Check list before a road trip

Are you planning to take your car for a long drive (long drive – at least a minimum of 100 KMS). He are few tips, do and don’t which could help you for safer and refreshing long drive. Tips: Get your car serviced before a long drive, Why?You don’t know what are the wear out… Continue reading Check list before a road trip

Seth Godin needs this mobile

I had been to “The MobileStore” at Annanagar, 2nd avenue, chennai last evening, and was in the search for Scratch guard for my Nokia N70 as soon my eyes was on the samsung SGH- E250 with a special feature saying Mobile tracker, It got my attention. This mobile has all features of Nokia N70 +… Continue reading Seth Godin needs this mobile

Brand vs Local shop

A discussion which Mr. Baskran of Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager and I had last week. You might have known about my death of Nokia N70 and the rebirth of Nokia N70 which I spoke in the other blog. He had been to my office at Adventnet for a friendly chat on one afternoon and I… Continue reading Brand vs Local shop

Bajaj Pulsar – Open your fly

I am fan of Bajaj Pulsar – After seeing the new Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 200, I felt the under line or the punch line message should be “open the fly” rather than “Definitely male”. Good design, I would wish for a single feature of the Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 180 to be available on Bajaj Pulsar… Continue reading Bajaj Pulsar – Open your fly

Castrol BikeZone – is it Logo Imitation

Click for a larger view of the above image Look at the above 2 logo’s both say that they are from Castrol, Does Bike point is part of castrol, just like Castrol BikeZone, I found this store at velachery road, saidapet, close the sify office. Actually speaking I wanted to leave my bike for servicing,… Continue reading Castrol BikeZone – is it Logo Imitation

My Ordeal when my bike crashed

Yesterday, late in the evening when I was returning home, right in the middle of traffic my bike just broke down. It has been happening with me for the past couple of days, so I was cautious enough to have the tools right with me to fix my bike. There has been a problem with… Continue reading My Ordeal when my bike crashed

Proactive Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager

Mr. Baskaran MSF Manager Castrol BikeZone First Things First: I would like to appreciate the proactiveness of Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager, actually I was quiet surprised, I didn’t expect it to be so soon, He came down to my office at velachery on rainy afternoon, just to address the procedures what they follow at Castrol… Continue reading Proactive Castrol BikeZone MSF Manager