The most disappointed visit of my Summer holidays

Obviously I am a married man, trying to take my entire family along with my parents to this small hill call Vilangan hills. Do you want to know why read on

Here is easy way to reach to top of the hill
Google maps:


Certainly I don’t know the history behind the Vilangan hills, would be happy if any of you can enlighten me. The reason is that, I tried to reach out to the locals but couldn’t find them, it was totally deserted and construction was still on at certain portions of the hills to provide a better view of the town just below it.  I shot few shots from my mobile camera that was easy for me, it didn’t entice me.

The day I choose to visit was rather hot, hardly a wind to cool me down. I was sweating all over and my younger son was little impatient over boring things to see.


I am still wondering why on earth it was under forest reserve department, they did even collect ticket money per person. Just see the google maps and you will understand where is this so called forest. Vilangal_Hills_001

The best & interesting thing about this place is nothing, yes NOTHING.

A large vacant place, where no one bothers you, whether you have a view of the forest or a view of the Thrissur city itself or the view of closest moon around your arms.

This hill is Wonderful and the most loveable place on earth for few people – Lovers spot

This is the reason I said, as a married man. Imagine the plight with my parents on my side, a rather embarrassing moments when ever we crossed certain location to find a view of the city. Still nothing wrong in this place, but I choose to hang around with wrong people, I meant my parents, If it was just my kids and my wife – we would have laughed around and taken things on the lighter side.


When I saw this sculptures with the raw feel of cement, and my wild imagination was “What if some one stayed long back and it was dark and this whole sculpture was placed on ground level and they came close by”

I will leave the thoughts with you, to express as comments

It is one of the best spots for pre or post wedding photography, and I believe you could get some help from the few lovers to help you out on certain poses or a group activity. Don’t run wild thoughts, I was saying some thing like mannequin challenge.


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