What makes me Happy and ALIVE?

Friends are like fingers, each in different sizes, proportion and in might aka weight, big tummy :p, assets, power – wealth etc
What makes me happy is that I work hard in spite of this demonetisation, where my business is so f* up left right and centre.
After all this, on a weekend I would still like to meet my friends to share a giggle and all the naughty things which others & I did during my school days. This thing happens week after week and we still decide where is our next outing for the family, you won’t get it, my family aka my friend’s family will understand, LOL. If God believes in me, I should be going for the next outing.
There have been friends who wouldn’t turn up, because of distance on where we meet, there are friends who turn up late because of family commitments which is so understandable, and for some NON PRIORITY which is no bloody excuse and we still stick on TOGETHER.
There is a term “divide by” It all started the day I got married, I got married at Guruvayoor temple, so my friends came all the way from Chennai to shower their love. What they divided was “Money – on what ever we spend as a whole group, we spend money wisely”  From that day 24.11.1999 till date, it has been the same. Can you believe that.
Do you want to know what makes me ALIVE, makes me WORK the entire week and be HAPPY?
It is my FRIENDS. That bloody meeting these friends, The ugly truth. I see my wife’s eyes wide open, lol.
Sure you have a question what about my family? They are my family, they live with me, I take care of them. Friends – I don’t get to stay with them all the time, we have difference of opinions and we still stick to the cause – Friendship. End of the day, on that week end for that 4-6 hours I am f* selfish. Yes, I am.
I don’t care what other talk about me, what others think of me is just a reflection of themselves.
Happy to be and will be. No matter what …

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