Why not Chinna Amma as CM?


Every Tamizhan around the world has this question – What, is she the next Chief Minister of Tamilnadu? how could they let it to happen.

How far do all us know Chinna Amma?
90+ %  of us would say no, it is all in the news, all we hear is negative things about her and her family doing things in business, as if none of the politicians run any business and they just do social service to the people.

Why this radical thought?

  1. If the Ex- Chief Minister Mr. O. Pannerselvam could step down from his post, and there was no coup attempt by the General secretary of AIADMK, if so, there should have been too many news on the newspaper, stating these reasons by the party members publicly. Few here and there is fine, the majority still stay united.
  2. The entire team stands together politically united for the people of Tamilnadu. At least in the media as we say.
  3. What if she never had an opportunity to be the part of party men, all she did was supporting her friend earlier.
  4. Why can’t the entire state decision be wrong? because we don’t know her personally and only their party men know her management skills.
  5. What if, she just wants an opportunity to serve people of Tamilnadu

Currently this state Tamilnadu doesn’t have a  strong leadership to make decisions and take it forward.

The statements made by me are not doctored, not a paid assignment as a blogger. It is just a radical thought.

I feel we should give her a Chance to make a change. I feel she is an able administrator.


4 thoughts on “Why not Chinna Amma as CM?

  1. I disagree. Here are the things that we do know as a fact and not just as rumor:
    1. She has the disproportionate wealth case pending against her
    2. She was not even a member of the party until JJ died. There is a rule that one has to be a member for atleast 6 mo before assuming general secretary but something was done to get around that rule.
    3. She was not the person who was appointed by the late CM during her previous absences.
    4. She has zero political experience and she has not won any seat in the election (this is a key point in a democracy. I do not usually agree with DMK but they are right in saying that the people didnt vote for a “friend” of JJ, they voted for JJ and the AIADMK party (of which she was not even a member until a little while ago.
    5. She does not have any big educational achievement to overcome all the other negatives. From what I know she passed 5th std.
    These, by themselves, exclude her taking over as CM. CM is the highest position in the state. It should not be handed over to all and sundry. If she really wanted to serve the people, there are a million other ways she could. She could have worked her way up the party by serving. Even after getting the shortcut to general secretary, she could have served. Can she only serve as CM?
    Next consider the stuff that media says about her. You can or cannot believe it but nothing that the media says about her is positive. They say JJ kicked her out of her house and life for a while. She still lives in Poes Garden without any obvious proof of having the right to be there. Poes Garden is not a political home like the Raj Bhavan or the White House. It was the private residence of JJ and was in fact bought by JJ’s mother and given to JJ – which makes it ancestral property. As per law ancestral property has to be given to the next living ancestor. If there was a verifiable will of JJ leaving such property to her that would give her some credence. But there is no such thing.
    Above all, why the hurry? There is no logical discernible reason for the hurry. OPS was doing just fine. The state has not even finished mourning JJ and this woman who claims to be best friend wants to be CM in 60 days after the death.
    The only thing going for her is that OPS is resigning and her party “unanimously” backs her. Why? They have given no logic or reason for their blind faith. How do we know that they were not bribed or coerced? I could probably go on but hopefully I have convinced you Why Chinnamma cannot be CM atleast at this junction in time. Let her contest elections and win and then maybe…

  2. PS: Instead of making her CM the police should be investigating why she is living in Poes Garden without any obvious claim to it. The only reason there hasn’t been a coup is because the people would have revolted more violently if that had been done.

  3. Sir,
    in Democracy the leader is the one who is elected by the people. Sasikala has not contested even a single election in her life. She has a lot lot of allegations and cases against her. Amma disliked her and maintained a safe distance from her. Plus it is OPS who was praised by amma and he is the natural choice as C.M. For Tamil Nadu’s development and growth a stable and corruption free government is required and there is no one better than OPS.
    Whole of Tamil Nadu stands with OPS. He must lead tamil Nadu.

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