The super moon as told by yours truly

Probably you may be thinking, dude super moon happened a week ago and now you are posting some photos of the same.

I don’t know what went in to my mind, the day, I was capturing this moon, but was surely disappointed. The reason were

  1. The moon appeared late, it was almost 6:53pm
  2. The clouds did bother me
  3. when I had a clear shot, the size of the moon was much smaller
  4. It was already pitch dark and had to bump my ISO on my DSLR

When ever I see photos on the internet of a moon and people holding it with hand, or a super sized moon on the edge of minar or an aero plane right in the middle of the moon. It was jaw dropping experience, I have shot moon hazar times, okay a thousand times. These scenarios use to trouble my mind, until this super moon day.

The super moon – original photo, no retouch

Exif details –  ISO: 6400, Shutter: 1/200, Aperture: F2.8, Tamron 70-200MM @200MM on Canon 7D mii

Exposed the photo so as to see the details of scene

Do you see any thing special? The moon was just rising up, but there where clouds on the left top corner of the moon, and do you see a person?

The size of the moon was approximately equivalent to the house. A person standing outside. 
The enhanced version – yes retouched photo, still can clear up details

The photo was not awesome, but wanted to share the idea to my fellow photographers that if you have a Tamron 150-600MM, you could do wonders.

Happy clicking.

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