Lets talk life -helping eachother

I was there yesterday evening attending, Lets talk life – topic was on “Mental illness”, which was moderated by Nandhitha & Sharada. I should say, I had an awesome session hearing to lot of pain from the speakers i.e their own personal experiences which caused them pain & a learning session on how to overcome them, in turn how to get expect professional advice from doctors & therapists, as the event started it was 20 in numbers, people started pouring in, as the session heated up, It was already 50+ members.


A,B,C,X,Y,L,F,Z – are emotional words which are expressed.

The impact was so high that I was crying in my dreams this morning and I jumped out of the bed. Don’t ask the what the reason is? What I am saying is that, the intention of the meeting is for good.

Road to hell is paved with good intentions


But the words are so so powerful that certain emotions which are common, gets activated in other words the speaker minds and your minds are in sync with similar emotions because you have gone through that emotional part. For me it was just depressing.

The learning part is saving a life – which I appreciate.


For a person like who is in search of happiness, I hate to say that, this session should have been one on one session, the listener needs to have a strong mind, keeping emotions aside, so as to give them a proper advice.

Lets talk life – is an amazing session on various topics, there are different activities which happen there

  1. Poetry session

  2. Musicians perform

  3. Short speeches on their own experiences

Given an opportunity I will be performing my speeches very soon.

Few photos from the event, below.



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