Never late to learn a new thing

I wanted to shoot Cinematic Video, bought few gears but was struglling to make a good video. Finally learned the conepts from Leonard Han.

Photo courtesy:Friends from my workshop


These are few highlights from ” Leonard Han DSLR Videography Workshop 2016, Bangalore”

  1. Pratice Pratice Practice, he kept saying that.
  2. Ask Questions during the session – It helps others to clear the doubts and makes way for new questions
  3. Live demos – certainly not with bride & groom, still plenty of exchange of ideas, apart from that, he will break down his own video and explain the workflow.
  4. Gears explained
  5. Techniques explained on how to during the shoot as well was techinical stuff with respect to lens.

Certainly an enjoyable two day session, had an opportunity to make new friends from Bangalore, okay okay Bengaluru

Would I recommend Leonard Han’s Workshop – It is a big YES

Facebook link to Leonard Han


3 thoughts on “Never late to learn a new thing

  1. Hi, what gear did you buy? Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic…? Do you do editing also?

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