Intolerance for Beep…

I am not addressing about the Beep song :P, I guess, I have started to travel long distances and have developed an intolerance for people who beep a lot on their 2 wheeler vehicle.

Why do we need to “Sound horn” or rather my question should be when do you “Sound horn”?

Have you seen the Mercs, BMWs or their counter part vehicles doing a rash driving, they usually cruise. Why?

I find them rather sensible, Care and compassionate for lesser unfortunate  or rather have a belonging for the toy they own. It is costly for them to repair, rather fight for small things and bring damage to their own property.

My initial thought was that when Tata introduced the Nano cars, I believed that people would become sensible. I even thought 2 wheeler would slowly be replaced with 4 wheeler vehicles as time pass by. I was so so wrong. India is not a poor country, I didn’t make the mistake, let me iterate India is not a poor country. The thoughts of our Indian people is poor. Let me illustrate with a simple example

You hear the ambulance siren, your heart beats rapidly, you are searching for space for the ambulance to move ahead. Finally you find little space you “STOP the vehicle”, the ambulance passes by, There goes most urgent people just behind the ambulance.

Why is that we don’t care for our own people? Why is that our people unable to find ways for a person in the ambulance who needs at most care, few seconds could save a life. Why is that in India we are unable to come up with a solution, aren’t we brilliant people as the world around us praises.

I believe the Government is made up our own people, if I am right.

Of the people, By the people and for the people – that is what democracy and we are following it, RIGHT?

I have tried writing blog post long ago on how to find the solution for proving a way for ambulance, nothing new, look at our developing or developed neighboring countries.

I might have moved away from topic, actually not, I was just giving you the sense of our own people. We have stopped caring for our own people when the number is less. I meant just one single person in ambulance with the recent floods in Chennai, where Chennai did help its Chennai.

Why honk? When you can wait few seconds, It would not raise your Blood pressure levels and even your fellow Indian who is right in front of traffic.

Keep smiling while driving, it helps. I hardly beep, sorry “honk” or “sound horn”. I do honk when the driver just before me is speaking on his phone while driving 😛



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