Getting cured in a day?


In today’s scenario we don’t find time, neither we want to be sick for more than a day. Well I don’t mind staying in bed and taking rest for few days for my body to recover.


It all happened during the month of January that I had to attend a marriage at my native place Thrissur, Kerala and I was driving down to my home town. I had fever the previous night, I had paracetamol 500 mg, I became tired, body ache to some extent but manageable.

I reached Thrissur, Kerala that evening I was running with high temperature my father in law took me to a well know reputed  hospital in Guruvayoor, They gave me two injection and  prescribed with Amoxycillin MPX- CV 625 and Pyrigesic (1000mg) Paracetamol. I became normal the next day morning, but I still had to continue the antibiotics Amoxycillin MPX- CV 625, I was advised by my uncle who was also a medical representative about the side effects of not continuing the antibiotics.


The problem with these doctors is that they forget to ask whether I am allergic or have common problems with high dosage medicines. I have a weak stomach, I was once diagnosed for irritable bowel syndrome. These heavy-duty medicines created lots of problems for the next coming days. I had to regulate my food by avoiding spicy foods.


My question is

Is getting cured in a day worth it?

My know limit for Amoxycillin was 250mg at the worst times 500mg, and for Paracetamol was 500mg.


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