Chennai to Horsley Hills – family trip

Four families, four cars to Horsley hills from Chennai. We left on 9th of Aug and return on 11th of August 2013. It was an interesting ride and bit risky, will let you know what that risky part was


The above are different routes – google maps to reach the destination.

Friday – 9th August 2013 @ 11 AM
We took the Tirupathi route “Chennai_Horsley_route_01” not because it was short because Chittoor route was feared to be blocked due to Telangana agitation. Even this route had problems, We saw a very long queue of trucks, so we had a detour in to a village just before Tirupathi. The ride was bit bumpy, but within limits. All of us where worried because of the agitation, thanks to our prayers – Lord Venkateswara helped us reach home safely. Well that was the risky part. Had our lunch at Tirupathi Bheemas at 3PM and we reached our destination at 7PM.

Two reasons we where slow, one Telangana agitation and we had an US returned NRI who had little trouble in catching up with the Indian seasoned drivers.

Activity: We went to restaurant, men hit the bar while the rest of the family at the restaurant at the buffet for dinner.

P.S: Don’t have high expectation on the food, Usually served vegetarian food at Haritha resort cottages of Andhra Pradesh tourism.  Non Veg served as A la carte.  AP is known for hot spicy food, if you have a troubled stomach, please let the chef know about it. Rooms are spacious, clean and well maintained.  Experienced a chill climate or rather like an A/C temperature of close to 18 Degrees centigrade.  Foggy? Certainly not.


Saturday -10th August 2013

  1. Morning walk to a view-point, not that family friendly, people who love to do trekking would certainly appreciate the view the place holds.
  2. Break fast, part of the package enjoyed the South Indian styled Idly, Kichadi and Vadas, Seriously? – that was the breakfast menu.
  3. Play time for kids
  4. Vegetarian buffet lunch – limited menu.  A la carte non veg – Hot Spicy
  5. A visit to Zoo in the evening
  6. Camp fire
  7. Dinner near the Camp fire, Phew dead tired.

Sunday -11th August 2013


  1. Morning walk to the view-point for photo options.
  2. Same old break fast
  3. View point close to restaurant
  4. Play time this time more fun with the ride
  5. Lunch at 3 PM
  6. Reach Chennai at 11 PM ;). Lucky that there was no Telangana agitation, Thank God it was Sunday.

Chennai_Horsley_activities3 Chennai_Horsley_activities2 Chennai_Horsley_activities


More details on the Telangana agitation
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