Nature Vs Man – perungudi, Chennai

velachery close to MRTS station
velachery close to MRTS station
velachery close to MRTS station
velachery close to MRTS station
velachery close to MRTS station
velachery close to MRTS station

Looking at the above pictures does it make any sense to you.

We where at Eliphinstone Bridge Adyar,  yesterday evening. Bragadeesh Prasanna & your truly were in a discussion about the Theosophical Society Adyar, why it is still private and why the government should take control.

Before that this a response to the post of a CBCian member who made a post A travel to think

I appreciate her thought process, before being human, can you ever think of the nature, how long will we be exploiting the natures resources.

The photos which you see are dated 22/9/2009 and it belongs to vinodvv Photography, yes indeed my wedding, portraits & events online store. All rights reserved Copyright 2013. Sorry for that self promo.

If you looked at the photos who invaded that water-bed, The place was a natural reservoir. The moment I see these people, I don’t actually feel bad, but pity. The reason is that, It is their survival and their lively hood, And the bloody thing is that they compete with them selves and have pathetic life.

Let me illustrate with an example, I had a plumbing work to be done at my home, There is a place in Villivakkam where the Jantha stands and looks out for work, If the mastri picks up you are lucky, if not…

I was unlucky for the day. I picked up a guy after all the people have been chosen by the Mastri. He came along with me, saw what has to be done, He said, he had to buy the materials, I had to give him an advance, to buy materials.

My unlucky time was that I had a 500 rupee note and no other change, I had drop my son at school, so left to school. You know what happened?

NOTHING, he was habitual drunkard, as soon as he saw that 500, his cartoonish voice balloon said, “laddu thina asaiya”

If at all, if you intend to help them, educate their children, you help them, nothing will change. It is because of their attitude.

Well about the nature, It know what to do to man. If not man know how to take care of himself 😉

6 thoughts on “Nature Vs Man – perungudi, Chennai

  1. Hard reality .. It is really disgusting looking people waste their hard earned money. Miserable tales of the impoverished. Yes education is the key for uplifting the communities but, *am not being cynical but i often get quizzed with this thought* the current generation is following the suit. Getting drunk or things beyond has become the statement of the day – I’m talking about the EDUCATED, for all petty causes or well just for the heck of it ! or peer pressure !

    My point is just that Education of the right sort can help them develop ! This makes me want to write a post 😀
    andd thanks for the tagg 🙂

    Keep Smiling,

  2. When we travel in the Beach – Tambaram train,there is a place between Chromepet and Pallavarm.
    Oh Gosh!! it is hard to believe that people are living there

  3. Well-written Vinod – to summarise man shall always misuse Mother Nature’s gifts and keep getting greedier and greedier! When Mother Earth can no longer tolerate man and woman’s greed – she will erupt – that’s when the earthquakes and tsunamis happen!

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