Here is my take on forefathers ideas and questioning self why they did this?

I am sure most of you know what this is? IMG_7173_s  but do you know what for?


was it to drive evil spirits – hell not.

It was to drive lizards, files. The bright color made it look venomous and smell of citric acid to keep away flies.  

By the way where is the righteous place to place this, that I leave it for you to answer.


Now you may ask why place on the truck



OK, Ok the lemon and green Chilies are missing. Our Kollywood actor Vivek makes fun of this. Any guess?
People are easily associated with fear, If evil spirits are driven away for home why not for the truck. Hope you get it. BTW where is the Lizard and flies near the truck. 😉
Either our ancestors where worried about trade secrets or lazy enough to communicate through generations

2 thoughts on “Dhrishti

  1. Haha. Nice one. 😛
    Well even lighting up an udabatti ( incense stick) is not for driving away “Evil spirit” but to force people to keep their house clean and drive away mosquitoes 😛 Because without any pressure, we might as well live in a dumpyard.

    ANd about the arasi Kolam- it was started for feeding birds and ants, now there is no arasi in the kolam, it is sand, and ants die. -_-

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