Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013

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Photos are in random, you can have a larger view of the photos here 

This is the first time I started later part of the day for a trip, usually I start by 5:00 AM just that I had to pick my in laws from Railway station and they too where joining our trip. We started around 9:00 AM. Here is what the plan

  1. Chidambaram temple
  2. Kumabakonam lots a lots, wanted to see at least one
  3. for sure the Big temple at Thanjavur
  4. And for the large shrine at Velankanni  at Nagapattinam

that was my bucket list for 2 days. They say it takes 5 and half hours of journey to Trichy by road, and I heard the route to Kumbakonam was bad, Chidambaram route i.e the ECR was dangerous. So finally deviated from our Chennai – Trichy toll road to Panruti and all the way to Kumbakonam. But on the way, we realized that all temples would be close and open only at 4 PM so we drove down to Thanjavur

Just before I forget, let me tell you about the roadways, On the way Kumbakonam, Panruti was a nice place, village where awesome sight, green, greener & serene. The roads where bad that it woke up the passengers at sleep when a pot hole was hit. My average KMPH reduced from 80-20 KMPH. I was wasting lot of time, PETROL and my effort in driving

The very view of the temple from the road side was so huge that I realized it would take a minimum of an hour to see the temple site. True it took that much time.

My experience on the temple

The Brihadeeswara temple also called as the Big Temple is true sight which would gasp your breath, sculptors and the vastness of place with well-balanced space between temples of worship. It was peace when you look at the Nandi and the Lingams placed around the main shrine. By the way there are awesome paintings on the walls, few faded but still it was a feast for eyes.

I sure missed the Thanjavur Palace, also called as Maratha palace it is in close proximity of the Brihadeewara temple. But time was running out. We had to reach Karikal the same day, had accommodations there, so started from the Brihadeeswara temple i.e the Big temple of Thanjavur at 5:30PM. When we where at Karikal it was 10:00PM 

Will post things about Velankanni in the next post, till then take care watch this space.


3 thoughts on “Chennai – Thanjavur Road trip No:1 – 2013

  1. I have seen all the places you have mentioned many many times and still the Big Temple at Thanjavur always enthralls me.The huge Nandi is a favourite. I always imagine how Raja Raja Chozhan built this kind of a structure in those days. He used excellent and brilliant techniques to drag the slabs of stone. He is one marvellous king for giving a lot of important creations as this temple.

    Joy always,

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