Reaching God’s Own Country

In the recent times, I have traveled by car from Chennai, TamilNadu to Thrissur, Kerala. For sure an unplanned trip to unavailability of train tickets had forced me to take my car.

The travel had helped my family to rejuvenate, healthy debates to long family conversations & plans for future to avoiding disasters.

Now to story, What I love about the road trip?
Of course it is the roads and road side scenery.  It is those broad and almost safe roads from Chennai till Salem, after which few developments on roadways, all the way till Coimbatore. The only feeling is that we pay more tax and still continue to pay whopping toll fees.

Once you reach Walayar, for sure you know that you have stepped in to God’s own country. Your car which was skimming on a buttered roadways at high speeds finally sees a narrow lane, filled with potholes, some patched and dangerously brushing buses which slide on the opposite side of the road.

Your average speed drops from 60 to less than 20KMPH.

What people of Kerala and it politicians have to know and understand?
Infrastructure, road developments & Power i.e Electricity. If Kerala starts to understand and even puts in 10% of the effort of what TamilNadu and Karnataka have been doing. They can make progress. I am sure the future developments will be bound to happen to Kerala after the much saturated neighboring states. For sure Kerala and its people will probably feel that pinch later for their unplanned developments in the State. Well for sure, Tamilnadu is feeling that pinch for every 2 hour power cut daily in the Chennai city, While Kerala seems like heaven for a scheduled split power cuts of half an hour in morning and night, for a consolidated one hour power cut in the state.

From Chennai to Coimbatore, I could reach for lunch in to day’s road conditions, for sure if Kerala thinks about infrastructure developments, I can make it up to Palaghat 😉 There is lot more to read in between the lines, Chennai – Bangalore 6 hours, their future developments could be just 2 hours. It means business.

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