16 kids, 9 Men, 9 Women @ MGM Resorts

25th of December last year we had been to MGM resorts for lunch, So this time we decided to have a get together at their resorts. It was a one day trip.

What I liked at MGM resorts?

  1. The beach, well not that clean, for the guest area it is clean
  2. The rooms, and their service. Liked it very much

Why MGM resorts doesn’t deserve to have families as clients

  1. Awful bar and its bartender, for the size of a resort like that, it should be big. The Chennai City has much bigger bars. Trust me this place is so so crowded, The attitude of the bartender is like “we are free loaders”.
  2. The children playground is good and decent play area, hope they don’t mind cleaning up the rust.
  3. The food, last year’s lunch made us to stay, this year they are loosing all the nine families.

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VinodVV Photography


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