Photography table top set up shared

Two days ago there was a power failure at my locality, I knew it was regular 2 hour power cut, so I had to kill time or rather make it creative.

Now for the set up
My room was dark, Things I had

  1. Canon EOS 500D
  2. Canon 18-55MM F3.5 – 5.6
  3. Canon speedlite 580EX
  4. Cactus wireless trigger
  5. brown carton box
  6. small table
  7. tripod
  8. Wireless remote
  9. incense

Let me start from the table, I placed the brown carton box on one corner and placed Canon Speedlite 580 EX inside the box along with Cactus wireless receiver attached, placed the incense before the box for the smoke

Now on to the camera, attached Cactus transmitter and mounted on the tripod, framed the scene, set the camera in manual mode, Aperture F9, shutter 1/125, Don’t forget to set the lens auto focus to off, and try to focus on the edge of the box. One more thing on the camera you need to set up for remote control.

Check the Cactus wireless and transmitter are in sync, try trigger the transmitter while the Flash is turned on.

Move to your position and trigger via wireless remote.


  1. If your face is getting bleached i.e over exposed, try to move little further away or decrease the flash power
  2. The brown box did a wonderful job of warming up the smoke.
  3. A tap on the box triggered the dust, It was in dust for a long time.

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