Spot your train on Google maps – Indian Railways


Trust me, the site is unusable. Reasons stated below

  1. Why would a user want to know 1000+ Active train running currently? Why load all the data, making it slow
  2. Like the search option, Ajaxified, Well after a click on the result the blue and red arrows don’t mean any thing to a user, Why confuse the user
  3. Click on the train Icon, You get details about the train, Stops don’t mean any thing to an user on a Map and neither it is too interactive, just points out stops with station name
  4. Finally Clicked on the hyper link 10 points size Check “here” for latest status, A new window opens up with relevant data. Which makes little sense.

Search for a station is currently useless. Just displays lots of arrows around, clicking on them reveals the train number etc.


Overall a nice effort with little bit of usability the site could help millions of travelers in India. I still don’t understand How google maps solves this problem.


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