Why I love Facebook pages integration with profile

Remember my last post, I did say about Desktop software and SAS. Here is my personal experience with Facebook on what things went well, silently and I am happy about it.
If you need to feel the similar experience, of course  you need have a profile on Facebook and one more page like the one I have on photography

Here is the experience
On the old facebook pages, When I posted few photos on my photography site and shared the album on my profile. What happens is that people click on likes and comment on them, but two version as such, meaning. Let me say I share my photography page album on a friends wall, presumably photos pertaining to him. His friends make comment on his wall, as a photographer, The likes and comments don’t get passed to you, meaning it doesn’t get highlighted on my photography page album and photos.

The new facebook pages are seamless integration, Just love that. I get to earn the likes and Comments. As a photographer I get to know the feedback instantaneously.

As said SAS gives you a good user interaction, updates, feature rich, but on the other hand people like me who are worried about security is a big question.

Native VS HTML5 – IOS Why? Future…

It just happened this morning, I wanted a heavy breakfast, hungry “stomach growling”. Just that the cafeteria was not yet open. When inquired they said, it would be open in 20 minutes. Fine, I started walking around the campus, took mini statement from the ATM machines, smoked a cigarette, Climbed up the floor in lift, kept my laptop at my place and switched it on, and went back to the Cafeteria.

Guess What, The store says “Closed” but few early birds like me had already been inside getting billed for what they want to eat. Just two items (Pongal and Kichadi) where available, I had no other choices, got the Pongal billed and started having my breakfast. My favorite combination was Pongal with Vadai, but Vadai is still not yet ready.

On the other hand,

  1. I can’t wait till that Vadai gets ready
  2. When ready, Go bill that missing Vadai and have Pongal and Vadai together. Well, how many of you have really waited and done this before.

What the heck, what is the reference to Native vs HTML5 right?
Hold on to your horses. I am trying to say is that HTML5 is not yet completely ready for the same kind of experience like a native app. But native app is like the Cafeteria with just two items. As a customer, I need the third item/feature, It is like the next version I have to download the entire stuff to get the next item/feature working.

It is almost like the same fight between Desktop software vs SAS. The advantage over SAS is that changes happen silently with rich features. Where as traditional Desktop software it is wait for the next version, Uninstall, Install, Upgrade etc etc. Both of them have advantage and disadvantages

Future: Here is my point, Either HTML5 needs to catches up fast or Native app should collaborate with HTML5, I meant a wrapper around HTML5 content. Here is the small trick I want. I want the Native app to know that the changes have been made on the web front and cache just the new UI part (CSS, Images etc). That meaning information can transmitted as data when needed as JSON, XML or what ever.

P.S: I am yet to jump in to xcode programming, yet I am IOS developer via Flash IOS:-)

Do you think, what I just said makes any sense? Let me know.