Indi, Nelson Manickam road

Yes it is one of the new malls which was recently opened on the busy populated Nelson Manickam road.
Ample car parking space, Malls are huge with variety of products. Some products looks pricey. One thing to mention, they are on the cost cutting mode, this huge mall had few fans here and there no centralized Air conditioners.

I was only able to spent just 10 minutes, I sweating like hell. We came out had Ice creams, The Indi cafe looks good, didn't have the mood to try as I was already sweating.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Posted via email from Chennai

2 thoughts on “Indi, Nelson Manickam road

  1. hello,
    i have done mfm from nift being in retail field i went to indi mall after listening that its a flop mall.i found the same in there.on friday evening mall was empty.i cant even see employees.i seriously found that there is a need of marketing for that mall along with some innovative concepts like some funzone or something exclusive in store to run it perfectly.i would love to have a project on it.
    vibhu seddey

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