Making of an unproductive Indian

These days I have been traveling by local train, the MRTS in chennai, While I was returning home the other day, it was 7:30 PM. I saw a juvenile girl singing some weird language song, While her younger brother been collecting money in the compartment where my friend and myself being present. I was so pissed of with this activity of sending this girl to do the beggar job. I started scolding their parents and was telling my friend. So my friend asked me on an average day how much money will they be making. My friend has been traveling for years, I just started accompanying him for the last few months.

Can any one guess? The train had 9 compartments running time 45 Minutes. And frequency of this train on an average would be 10-15 Minutes during peak hours.

So I replied my friend saying a 100 Rupees a day. He just laughed at me and explained that they would have already obtained 100 or more Rupees on this trip alone. He went on explaining that an average Indian would give a 1 Rupee to these beggars. The regular travelers know these beggars. So they don’t give them money. It is floating population which falls for these people. Take a single compartment at least 10 to 15 people flick a one Rupee coin and by that 9 compartment of this train they make an average of over 100 Rupees. Imagine if they make around 8 or more trips a day.

I said to my friend, that I was not making that much money being a software professional after all the bloody useless taxes which I have been paying for the Indian Government.

He went on and said, that he had no clues on what happens to that money. But he said, that is one reason we see the parents encouraging their children to beg for money. So for generation they are in the Beggar Business. So now you known why Indians are being considered as Beggars by foreign nationals.

So what is the solution for an unproductive Indian?
While the middle class has been loaded with more and more taxes and the top class has been evading from tax and while the poor has no idea about What taxes were meant to be.

One possible thing which stuck my mind was that these beggars have to be in prison and asked to work on different trades, some thing like the co-operative societies do and be paid really less. It is some thing like saying if you beg you will make 10 Rupees a day. While you work outside you could earn more, So the choice is theirs. Well some one could make Indian roads to every place clean.

Next time you see any one begging on public places please don’t serve that Rupee you are in the process of making an unproductive Indian. Think twice please.

If you have any more ways to make them work do comment.

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