Chennai water Desalination plant

We all know that the next time, if there is war it has to be for water. I am not joking. Water is abundant, very much true. How much of water is fit to drink remains a major question.

If most Governments take the Eden project seriously, they could end the war for water.

I have been watching Discovery Channel at 9 P.M amazing. Here is what I would like to suggest to Chennai Metro water department. I am sure they are planning for water desalination plant, but would be great if they could look in to the latest technology of producing water to its clearest form with one time production cost.

As Nature seems to do the natural work of desalination.

The project is seawater greenhouse, the idea was sort of dream for Charlie Paton. So go a head and check out the Eden Project.  You may want to look in to the video of water is naturally desalinated to obtain pure drinking water.

If you liked the idea, and you felt Chennai should install a low cost desalination plant with no fuel for production, please blog about the Eden Project. You don’t even need to trackback to this blog post. But do blog if you are blogger, if you are a reader please do share this blogpost by bookmarking on delicious, digg, reddit, fark, clipmarks, stumbleupon and please do share the you tube video

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