Kung Fu Panda – A lesson for teachers

Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda

I had written a post long back A perfect Teacher, until recently I watched the movie Kung Fu Panda, my whole perception changed about teaching.
Lesson 1: What ever happens is not a mistake

Lesson 2: Believe in the person you want to teach

Lesson 3: Identify, what the candidate is interested on, find a new method and teach

Finally Lesson 4: There is no special ingredient.

The final lesson about the special ingredient is the most important one.

Imagine you are on the 100 meters dash, competing with a world record athlete , what is the difference or the distance between you and professional athlete while winning the race.

It can’t be 100 meters for sure, the difference is nothing but impact of lesson 3, and lesson 2

Lesson 3 is nothing but practice, dedication on what you want to achieve.

Practice makes a man perfect, that involves failures. Those are the stepping stone to success.

Lesson 2 is Believe in yourself first, and never give up, even when the whole world is totally against you. When you start believing in your self first, rest of the world will start believing in you.

No one can inject knowledge, Unless you wish to acquire them.

Lesson 1 may seemed incidental, but not true. Unless you wanted things to happen the way expected.

No one can stop your growth, unless you wanted to.

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