College Students, Bee a smart Lender – use LendBee

Photo Courtesy: Rosie Hardy

Imagine countless books for reference on top of your semester books, Carrying them, taking care of them is a much pain. Here is a cool solution which will make you feel better

Lendbee is a system which allows you to share books, CD, DVD, Movies, Magazines, Ebooks and those online manuals which you can actually share with a closed group of friends and college juniors. The best part is no ones else knows what materials you share except the ones on your group.

Bee a smart Lender and let some one take care of your materials and how to place them in their apartments, when you need them back, the lendbee allows you to track the materials on who currently has them.

So check the lendbee today, remember knowledge is power, so can even expect your friends to share materials which you can get them for free.

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