Time to think about the Girl child & career oriented Women

Women in command

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I don’t blame the women nor the girl child in the first place. I blame myself being part of this, and I think it is the right time to make some changes to help them out.

When was the last time you burned midnight oil to help your Mom or Wife, when they were having a normal fever?

  1. I love my mom very much, it is that I take her granted that I don’t heed to her advice, some times don’t even suggest to take care of her health.
  2. In my family any thing in terms of health goes wrong with men (my dad, me and my son). Women (My mom, My wife) seemed to worry a lot, and some times they don’t worry about their own health and burn midnight oil to help us out from running temperature.

About the girl child:
Looking at the number NEWS in India, that raising a girl child is often considered burden. Their main worry is Dowry system, which is slowly getting wiped out.

  1. Girl child getting aborted
  2. Girl child getting killed just after birth
  3. Girl child being in worst child labor
  4. Girl child being consider less superior in schools
  5. Girl child molestation in schools
  6. Girl child rape
  7. and what not

What are women for?
Don’t blame me for saying women are sex toys, women have a primary goal in life. To give birth to a child. The trait for women is women and not men, their physical appearance when compared to men make them weaker to abide to what men commands. Just because of a command, does the women have to abide by it, think it over, usually (mother/ sisters – in laws) plead or force them to obey the orders.

So what are men for?
Men have more responsibilities, taking care of their children and women, so lies lot of sub tasks as men are usually consider stronger when compared to women generally termed “weaker sex” it is in terms of physical appearance.

About Career Oriented woman:
As India is becoming the fastest growing nations in the world and there is good increase in the women entrepreneur in every field. Well that is good welcome. The sorry state is that women get married after mid 30’s, by worrying about their career. And some don’t even marry, well looking at the above problems they faced during their growing years, they become more matured in state of mind of not getting in to relation. Some feel when in need they get… Well that is true for women and not men.

What does that mean, if women get married late?
Scientifically proven that women have good fertility below or early 30 years of age.

What will happen when girl child numbers get reduced?
Inference: If we are not going to have girl child in the first place and don’t treat them with respect. They will have more options to command over men. Because as the number of women are less, and men being at large, What will be the state of men?

It is time for men to think and act wisely by striking the right balance of nature. Let women survive or shall face the inevitable truth of balance of nature.

Reference: http://captaincassowary.blogspot.com/2007/01/hard-truth-japan-is-dying.html

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