Tested on animals – Mahindra Renault Logan

Event: Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon
Date: 25-12-2007 (Christmas Day)
Venue: YMCA, Nanadhanam, Chennai
Contact: S.Kumar
Mobile:98409 47464

It is supposed to be fun rally organized by Mahindra Renault Logan to test the mileage of your Mahindra Renault Logan.

  • Do you want to know who where the animals?
  • and Who tested on them?
  • and Who benefited out of this Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon?

Before we start, Let us understand on how to test Mileage

  1. Fill up petrol- full tank
  2. check the odometer reading
  3. If you have trip meter, set it Zero
  4. take a long drive say about 100 and odd KMS, never switch off your car in between your drive (to get good readings)
  5. Follow the speed limit (45-55 KMS/hour)
  6. Once you reach 100 and odd KMS, go to next fuel station
  7. Top up the fuel, to full tank.
  8. Note the KMS traveled from your odometer, check the trip meter reading
  9. Note check how much of fuel was needed to have it full tank
  10. trip meter reading/ top up fuel needed to full tank will give you = Mileage i.e KM per Litre

So what happened at Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon – car rally
I was there for the event at 8:30 AM at the venue. The event is supposed to start at 9:00AM which didn’t happen, because of the lack of management skills. Flag off happened, after few apologies made by the announcer.

I started to take the drive at 12:09 PM, went to the Fuel station at Venkanarayana Road.

A gentleman approached and said “Sir we will fill the tank full, out of which 5 litres of fuel price will be waived off and the rest you have to pay, Is that fine with you”.

I accepted, this is how they filled the fuel

My odometer readings were noted down and written on the card. My trip meter was made zero. And I started of to the rally.

Most cars had ladies and kids in the car – the best part was that, some car drivers took a break on the road side to take a leak. “What about the ladies and the kids?” What a shame?, Even if they had arranged for some nice place to take a short break for 2 hour long drive, it would have been nice. Well, my family did take a break at the Petrol Pump station at Venkatnarayana road, before the rally started. I realized, so was happy for my family too.

So my trip meter reading said 103 KMS when I was back from Mahabalipuram to Venkatanaraya road Bharat petrol pump station. I was doing between 50 and 60 KMS/hour. I was driving like a monkey as ordered, to execute things as said.

Now the top up started at the pumping station which recorded about 4.155 litres of petrol. So that means 103/4.155 should be my mileage. Which is actually wrong, because the Car fuel indicator says that my petrol tank is still not full. (Check the video)

My mileage is 24.789 KM per litre, WOW, I could believe it. The same car was doing last week, having a mileage of 9 KM per litre

Here is one more catch my fuel indicator was not saying that it is full tank, see the video to believe it. See other photos to know what was my readings.
data sheet
Click on the image for a larger view

Did you notice the time, which I referred while I entered the pump station 12:09 PM and at what time did I start 12:35 PM and at what time I reached the pump station again 2:59 PM
You want to why the delay
Mahindra Renault Logan - in queue just outside the pump station

Mahindra Renault Logan - in queue just outside side of road outside pump station
Click on the image for a larger view
Do you see the Mahindra Renault Logan on the opposite side of the road in a queue.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What is explained in the video?
If you noticed the video, I had taken at the time when I reached the YMCA ground, still wondering WHY the fuel indicator is not showing the fuel tank full. So it means that there is enough space to fill up some more fuel to make it full tank. Which most of them didn’t realize.

Now to answer the questions

Do you want to know who where the animals?
there were 100 and odd drivers with their family, driving their cars, following orders and not not having fun on the gracious day Christmas

and Who tested on us?
Mahindra Renault Logan Marketing team

A surprise did happen during the prize distribution ceremony. A owner of Mahindra Renault Logan was agitated and trying to claim for the prize as his car did a 40KM per litre mileage (Diesel version owner)

and Who benefited out of this Mahindra Renault Logan Drivathon?
Can you imagine 100 and odd drivers spending their money to filling up the fuel tank full and driving their own cars and following orders at the mercy of Mahindra Renault Logan team for only one reason to prove that Mahindra Renault can do 33KMs per litre for the petrol version and 37KMs per litre on the Diesel version.
I should say that the marketing guys made little spend by gaining more

  1. breakfast (bread sandwich and water, if you like it eat it else leave it. That was stance. Hospitality ZERO)
  2. 5 litres of fuel waived off during full tank session
  3. lunch (Saravana bhavan – Mini meals)
  4. and another 4-5 litres of fuel for top up total of 8-9 litres of fuel while including the 5 litre of fuel which was waived off during the full tank session (Petrol or Diesel)
  5. Spend on venue
  6. And of course the event management team.

Who are the loser?

  1. Fuel to fill up the tank
  2. quality family time on the Christmas day
  3. apart from that those god damn sponsor stickers from JK tyre and those numbers sticked all over the car. Who is gonna pay to remove that, With out spending money.

Car stickers
Mahindra Renault Logan owners are the ultimate losers to gain new customers

Who were the gainers?
Mahindra Renault Logan Marketing team – to make fake mileage result. It is pretty simple I say, you have around 100 odd drivers at your disposal feed them you have the results.

Do you want to know how this Viral Marketing is supposed to work?
Let’s say 100 and odd Mahindra Renault Logan happy customers, who had good mileage experience is about to unfold the secret to all their friends and relatives, well sort of boasting off that their car did give an ultimate mileage.

If you care for fellow car owners please digg this or post a link on your blogs. Atleast the new car owners can be spared.

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9 thoughts on “Tested on animals – Mahindra Renault Logan

  1. Did any one forece you to participate in the drievathon…. for sure its a marketing tactic….Its a feel good for the customers and a means to word of mouth advertising for M&M…
    As for the child lock its the way it works in all the cars…U will realise the worth of it only when it will save you… its a simple mechanism and does not involve any rocket science…. For your Information the lock in any car can be opened even when u have central locking…. for ex: the ford Ikon has the lock n door opening lever on one handle…. what do you do in such case if your child plans on playing with it????

  2. Santhosh
    No one forced me, but no company treat its customer like fools.
    Being an ardent fan of renault, I did buy this car, then discovered the engine was not from renault.

    OK, honestly speaking does any company slash it price of the product drastically after it had sold 1 lakh odd cars, Mahindra renault did, they slashed around 50,000 INR do you know what that means to the early birds who bought logan, 1 lakh depreciation when they try to sell their car.

    And Mahindra did nothing to its early birds to compensate the prices dropping. Some car companies offer extra service coupons as adjustments.

  3. The price slash is only a gimmick, if you chech the price of your car in invoice it is still lesser than what they advertised after price reduction.
    As far as central locking is concerned its our mistake not reading the basic manual before using the vehicle. in case if we are going to use BMW or AUDI then the kind of safety features they give is something which we cannot understand. infact mahindra sent a person to explain the features.
    Having driven a maruthi 800 i hope the difference you experienced with logan is something which cannot be compared. in fact i had an esteem before and drove honda city new shape many a times. the kind of suspension logan provides is some thing much better than esteem or honda city. city it gives around 10, and in long it gives 14 if we drive around 100 and for lesser speed it gives better mileage. its a real value for money car.

  4. I agree with you Vinod. I am updating here that there is no worth for spending money and time with Mahindra Renault product because of following reasons :

    1. what is the future of Logan after this happens.? refer ET Articles


    So what ever price and value addition activities they are doing, is for clearing the stock so that this company will bear a minimum loss and after that both the partner of this JV will say bye to each other.

    End Results: Customer will suffer because he will get the spare parts at higher price.

    2. Re Sell Value : Re sell value of this car is nothing ?
    I have tried to re sell but not getting any value, so if a customer will buy he will face not only difficulty in maintaining it but in selling also. So one should not buy this.

    3. Looks : The looks of this car is criticized by a lot of auto experts from day one. In looks it looks like a old generation car which companies use to produce till 90. So no fun in investing it.

    4. Fashion: These days if you look up all the companies are making their models into curving style and crystals lights while Logan is still on the same days back trends. In fact Mahindra is continuously working on these ground on it’s existing model but they had not done in logan, I think it was just for saving the cost.

    5. Value : As this was mention at the time of launching this product in India, Indian company has produce it at lower cost in comparison to French company. But actually that was not an achievement it was the value which they had cut from this car, that’s why launching of logan was not a big show here in India.

    6. Service : Mahindra have very poor service record . So I don’t think there is a fun of buying the automobile product any company who is poor in service, because these days all the Automobile products are coming with a lot technology enable system and with these kind of product you can not go to with any road side mech., In fact these days people even don’t prefer to do so.

    7. Power steering : Power steering is very hard, specially in case of you are Hyundai lover.

    8. Poor Service Network : You could get a problem in car any where because of any reason, that’s why you prefer a car which have a wide service network. If you look up to Mahindra from Delhi to Lucknow there are 10 dist. and they have only one service center, so please forget that they will come there to help you, which they really can, but who will serve to a customer ? ” AS USUAL SAME OLD INDIAN APPROACH ! “

    9. Previous Client Segment : If you recall your history, than you will find 10 years back very hardly any one use to buy any product from Mahindra or If will really segment it before Mahindra Bolero, you would find very hardly any urban people who was owning a Mahindra’s Products and still they don’t have that kind of capabilities and skill that they serve to that segment.

    10. Old Track Record: If you check Mahindra past sales record you will find it that maximum of their sale was for government sector, and all of us know what is criteria for any government buying ? They had develop their capabilities and skills to serve to cater only that segment not for the common people .

    11. Current PR Exercise : Last but not the least , if you look up the current pr exercise of this company which they are doing right now. There are two channels which are currently running auto reviews from that in one they are doing a lot of BTL & ATL exercise just to avoid negative vibes of market.

    But reality is this, that finally customer is suffering because of both of them and I had spend this time just because I just want to aware to other people so that they will not suffer and buy a right product. I am not big enough that I will give any quote to this company, they will get their destiny by own, my responsibility is towards this society which I am full filling by making aware to others.

    Sorry dear instead of telling my entire experience I had X- ray them but should be very frank now I really don’t want to tell any things to Mahindra Renault Ear plug ( Customer Care Department ). So just sharing the crisp of the problem to others.



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