Mahindra Renault Logan free service – unveiled

My First Mahindra Renault Logan 1.4 GLX service explained and here is the userexperience. Comparison with Maruti Service explained

First things first: I had a loyal Maruti 800 for 4 long years 2003-2007 untill I replaced it with a Mahindra Renault Logan 1.4 GLX 2007.

My first experience with GMS motors | Sahil motors in terms of service.
I had been to the service station personally to drop my Mahindra Renault Logan last Friday the 21st of December 2007, so a gentleman supervisor assisted me, early morning at 9:10 A.M, took careful notes.

My requests were:

  1. Front left door rattling noise
  2. Remove the plastic covers for the back seats
  3. Replace new headlamps black dot stickers
  4. Remove the reverse horn and not the reverse horn which comes with my remote lock.
  5. Scratch on the left side doors (check and give me the quote)

Apart from the above list, His suggestions were:

  1. Anti corrosion coating under the car body ( I stopped him. When he suggested that, as I know that the rubber coating is not gonna do anything good for the car)
  2. Fully powder coating of the body of car with a scratch resistant formula (comes with a 3 year warranty) cost a mere 3700 and odd Rupees. Item 5 of the above wish list is covered.
  3. Labour charge of 150 Rupees + tax for just removing the reverse horn. That would be Item no 4 of my wish list.

As far I know there is no oil change in this service and I was not charged for that.
What things got fixed and what not?

  1. Front door rattling noise not fixed, and the safety latch of the left door got buried. Any ways that safety latch was not of any use, you could still open the door with the safety latch down.
  2. Our supervisor was holistic, he felt that it was better if I not remove the back seat covers for quiet some time as it is still a new car, his explanations went more like “have it for some more months, kids would tear for you”. What a shame? tell me either you forgot it or your technicians were lazy enough to unlock the rear seats to remove the plastic cover.
  3. One thing rightly done was to replace the black dots on my headlamps
  4. The second thing, reverse horn removed and placed in the boot.
  5. Before doing the scratch painting fix. It was supposed to be tested, after the testing was done, the call said the scratch can fixed. Meanwhile a friend suggested with sticker which would work out cheaper. So I asked them not to fix the scratch.

There happened one evil incident on my Mahindra Renault Logan, While We returned home from shopping the same after service. My wife and son at the back seats. My right side back door could not be opened from inside. So what did happen? know it right here.

Now let us look in to the comparison of Mahindra Renault Logan and Maruti Service centers

My experience at Maruti service center
A profile or service history of my Maruti 800 was already available with the service advisor
A job sheet, which will note the requirements for the service to be done for my car

This job sheet comprises of

  1. history of previously done KMS
  2. history of parts changed previously
  3. Things to do list
  4. Dents and body parts marked when I leave my car for service ( a diagram of car top view and side view detailed diagram to mark the scratches and dents)
  5. Accessories contained in my car, which include how many floor mats, Air refresher, dolls, body cover (the plastic one) and what ever minute details which belong to the owner.
  6. Apart from that the costing proposal, date and time of delivery
  7. after delivery a customer feedback form to be posted after driving the car (postage will be paid by the addressee)

Now on the Mahindra Renault Logan service center
Job sheet contains

  1. to do list of service
  2. date and time of delivery
  3. ofcourse the customer feedback form before even you pay the service bills and before even you touch the car.
  4. once nice badge which is attached to the mirror which talks about the names service adviser, technician and the quality inspector. Apart from that I have the mobile number.

At the time of delivery, My experience with the Maruti’s was best when compared with the Mahindra’s.

The first free service was charged 75 Rupees for replacement of odd stuffs + labour charges + tax. Did I say free service.

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9 thoughts on “Mahindra Renault Logan free service – unveiled

  1. Hi! tis nice to hear someone talk about their car..’m a car enthusiast, but not a motoring enthusiast (hope u understand this jargon :P). I have a Hyundai Accent and ‘m very much pleased with its performance (though not a driver oriented car!). Every car has its own advantages and disadvantages as we don’t drive BMWs or Porsches 🙂 so can’t expect perfection in our cars even though we pay more than you would if you are in the US or Europe. For example, you Logan costs only 5000 euros in France which when converted to INR comes to Rs. 270000/- So are we paying more than double?? sure this car is made in India and not imported to attract import duties 😦 The same with Accent 2007 fondly known as VERNA. When I was in the US I visited a Hyundai showroom to find out that the cost of a fully loaded (ABS, EBD, Alloys, driver-passenger airbags, etc) costed just 13000 USD which is 5 lacs!!! Have you ever thought why we are paying more? for very very less and poor quality?

  2. Door rattling sound compliant is there for all Mahindra Logan cars. My Logan 1.6 GLS completed only 6500 KM till now and I had to go to servicing center 3 times to fix door rattling sounds, and I am not satisfied with work they have done so far. I hope Mahindra and Mahindra is doing something for fixing it. I have one more interesting observation with Logan 1.6 GLS, i.e. rear suspension looks over smooth, it touches most of the speed breakers in India when it 2 to 3 people sits in the rear seat.

  3. I am a proud owner of Logan car no MH 43 R6070 I was getting very good service from dealer. But on 12-1-2009 I gave my car for correction of noise in engine and to make alright Bonnet color which was peeling off. Car was given to J C A S Pvt. Ltd Mumbai 14, Job no. 5493/12-1-09. I was promissed that the car would be ready on 13-1-09. The service centre should intimate the customer when the vehicle is ready. but i came to know that my car was ready only on phoning four times . I was given my car on 17-1-09 evening. I was put to great hardship as I have only one car. Keeping car for so many days for small work demands explanation.

  4. From:
    Subject: Complain.
    Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 09:01:18 +0000

    The Manager,
    I am proud owner of Logan car no.MH43R6070. My car was regularly serviced at your workshop.
    I had so far no problem or issue with The Milestone. I got full satisfaction with the services rendered by your workshop.
    On 12-1-2009 I gave my car as I was getting extra noise from engine and my car Bonnet color was peeling off.
    I was asked to come on 13-1-2009 to collec my car but was not ready. I was surprised that no one contacted me or informed me about status of car. I phoned twice to workshop for information. I was asked to contact Mr. Kngsly on his mobile no. 9819446534. I contacted him thrice and he replied that as soon as car will be ready he will inform me.
    Till date and time my car is not ready. For such a small work my car was held up from 12-1-2009. Taking car and keeping in your workshop and putting customer to hardship was not expected from you. You have put me under great hardship I expect you to explain me in writing the reasons for delay or I will be force to contact M.& M. for explanations.

    Car was given to J. C. A. S. Pvt. Ltd situated at Nigam Mumbai 14
    Job No. 5493. Car was given on 12-1-09 and was ready and dilivered on 17-1-2009.
    The bonnet was replaced after an accident.

    Usha Kuvavala.
    Res. Tel. No. 23673127

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