Why Mahindra Renault Logan, Renault Logan, Dacia Logan?

Dacia Logan

Renault Logan

Mahindra Logan

Mahindra Renault Logan

Did you notice the contents of the links, Yes it is the same car. So ultimately it is Dacia Logan under the rebranded name of Renault and marketed in India under the name of Mahindra and Renault.

So why choose a Logan?
I just fell for the price and the boot space.

  1. Price: A entry level sedan at the price of premium hatch back.
  2. Boot space: more than, Honda City WOW. I travel to my native place. All the time I had baggages placed inside the cabin of my Maruti 800. Didn’t want things around me any more.
  3. Lots of Space: Room/ head space.
  4. Of course the tubeless tires

Just like Maruti 800 is the entry level for hatch back, I would say Mahindra Renault Logan is an entry level for a Sedan. Don’t expect too much…

Here is my test drive experience on Mahindra Renault Logan

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8 thoughts on “Why Mahindra Renault Logan, Renault Logan, Dacia Logan?

  1. Mahindra renault Logan is a fantastic car,
    i have no regrets buying it,
    plus it is doing very good in the market,
    check this out,

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