Mahindra Renault Logan – Usability Explored, Review

Mahindra Renault Logan
I hate to say that being an owner of the new Mahindra Renault Logan 1.4 GLX, I have a car which is not fully usable. The things which are of my concern.

Is the driver, the master of the Power windows, is he fully in control.

Mahindra Renault Logan Dashboard having only front power windows controls
Logan dashboard

Below is the master control of power windows near the driver window for the Hyundai Accent.
Hyundai Power windows master control for the driver

Does the Mahindra Renault Logan door “safety latch” do its functionality, Is my kid safe inside this car.

Watch the first and the second video.

How Mahindra Renault Logan door safety latch works even when child lock on.

Hyundai Car safety latch, how it works

Yo dear, If I am the Driver how do I unlock the engine hood, just scream at the fellow passenger to pull the lever. The lever is placed on the left extreme of the driver.
Mahindra Logan Engine car engine hood lever

Hyundai Engine hood and Petrol cap lever right near the foot of the driver.
Hyundai Accent Boot and Petrol cap lever
Just stretch your arms, fiddle around near your leg. You can adjust the light beam.

Mahindra Renault Logan beam adjustment knob
Mahindra Logan Car light level switch

Maruti Swift Car light level switch, Where the driver can reach the controls easily
Maruti Swift Car light level switch

Problems which you could face, if you owned a Mahindra Renault Logan.
As soon as you turn on the keys of your car and switch on the A/C, you could hear whistling sound.
Mahindra Logan - Power steering pump
Seems like that is because of the power steering pump, which does that car wrecking sound, putting you in shame in front of your friends. A brand new car and that too from the power steering, it means either you are bad driver that you screwed up the car or the car, screwed you up, either ways the owner is screwed at the end.

Horrible mud flaps.
don’t know whether it is Mahindra Renault Logan engineers design or the people at showroom didn’t do the proper fittings

Will update you with the photos soon.

Well the Mahindra Renault Logan Engineers need not be mad at me. At least I have done the home work for them. Things can be taken in the right spirits.

Here is my test drive experience on Mahindra Renault Logan

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22 thoughts on “Mahindra Renault Logan – Usability Explored, Review

  1. Ok, M-R definitely did a bad job. But boss, before you do such a huge investment, you are supposed to test drive the car and then test drive few more in the same segment to compare and choose the best. No? I feel only you are responsible for this; so, don’t blame the company – they are there to sell their products – good or bad.

    By the way, thanks for sharing your experience. Those misguided folks who thinks Logan is a great car, they will have a second thought now.

  2. Yes, my mistake. I don’t point fingers. I am only asking them to rectify usability things and come up with a new version.

    I still love my Mahindra Renault Logan for the other features. I have put enough days and thoughts before I bought my car. So nothing like guilt.

    In fact most of them will accept, that driving for couple of hours will not let you know the top to end info about the car. All situations don’t arise in few hours. It is a simple experience.

    What say?

  3. thank you very much for all the comments you are putting on site for Logan, I am really going to buy 1.4 GLX and our comments are really help 🙂

  4. Buddy u suck. check out the pictures about opening the engine hood. in the picture about hyundai, u don have an option at all. one is to open the fuel and another one to open the fifth door at the rear and its not the lever to open the engine hood. do u really have a car?? i doubt it.

    and about child lock, according to the safety standards worldwide, a child is not allowed to sit in front at all. they have to sit behind and try opening the rear doors after the child lock is on. if u are that bothered, then follow the rules first.

    and about the engine hood opening, its the same for all new cars. all have it on the left. thats again a safety feature. check out dude. don try to misguide us like this.

  5. And ya about the mud flaps, can u point out one single car below 12 laks that has mud flaps better than this?? this is the only car with so much of safety to the engine from the mud. and this is the only car in this class that has a metal engine guard.

  6. Thanks Mathew for being an eye opener. I truly accept about the Hyundai 5th door lever. Where as in Mahindra Logan by default you can’t open from inside.

    About the child lock you are completely right, I apologies to my readers that I was ignorant about the child lock feature, because I upgraded from Maruti 800.

    try to open the front doors even when the central locking has locked the doors. You will find it amusing that the door opens. OH, That was again a safety feature again.

  7. again!!!! buddy central locking is a safety feature against theft not when u are inside the car but a feature when u leave the car. all low end cars are not affordable to have that as they cant provide such mechanisms cheap. instead what they do is, whether u are inside or outside u cannot open. unless u take a psycho inside, nobody is gonna open the car from inside while on the move. exceptions are the innocent children, and for that u have child lock behind. and to your info, even the child lock is a villain when there is an accident as u may not get out of the car yourself.

  8. @Mathew
    In India, all the cars have the Bonnet Opening Lid at the Driver Side and Not on Passenger Side unlike Logan.

  9. Hey Guys,
    I am totally satisfied with my Logan, It’s very good for long drives. Leg room is fantastic. The only thing which i thought missing was the seat adjustment in this variant.
    I’ve heard that mahindra renault has launched the new LOGAN PLAY.

    It has really trendy look and comes with alloy wheels, vinyls and a host of features like USB music system, parking sensor, driver info system, etc.
    I checked it out on

  10. My experience with Mahindra logan is not good…and its not worth spending time and money in any Mahindra renault product…you can chek the real case study on my blog.

  11. My, my: Tapesh seems to have a score to settle here!! he’s put up a link to his blogspot all over the place.

    Ive bought the edge diesel knowing fully well that some controls are on the other side. its the fuel economy and sheer space that i loved. also for me its one hell of a sturdy drive.

    service can be better though.

    People – I didn’t expect the moon with the logan, but it turns out a sound practical choice for me.

  12. hi guys i need your help please, im in iraq baghdad and my car is logne but im faceing a problom by driveing my car coz the steering are so hard becuse there are no power streeing.
    thank you for your help
    best regards

  13. @Mathew: I can’t understand how the bonnet opener at the passenger side can be a safety feature? The thing is that, it was left as such when the car was converted to a right hand drive. Same is the case with the driver controls such as indicators, wipers etc. For me those are really a pain.

  14. Hey guys, the bonnet opening lever is generally on the left for most cars that follow a safety practice. You generally open the boot when u have a problem. They didnt want you leaving the drivers door open to open the boot, so when you park, you enter the car through the left door. You will also find all the fuses there

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