How I bought my new Mahindra Renault Logan – space, value for Money- Review

Mahindra Renault Logan

The questions which I asked myself before I bought my car.

When should you buy a car?
When there is a need to commute (atleast 40 KMs a day) or for other reasons like family, prestige etc. The reason why I choose a sedan and not a hatchback was that, I take my car to my native place, which is around 650 KMs away. So didn’t want my family to feel cramped.

What would be the best option to buy a car?
If you have full cash, that is the best option available. If choosing finance, go for atmost 3 years not more than that. Look for any travel agencies their cars would be financed for not more than 3 years. That is the best value for money.

Why 3years?
Imagine if you took 5 years finance and at the end of 4 year you are planning to upgrade to a new car. Which I did, selling my Maruti 800. You end up making a huge loss.

Market price of car during the 4year + Finance settlement charges (1 year interest rate + pre closure interest amount) = Market price of your car at the 5 year.

What are the things you should look for?
Safety, Value for money, Space, Looks – these are my terms. May differ with individual.
The moment you drive your car from the car lot, the value of the car depreciates by 20 percent. Shit man. I look for value for money than looks. Look for your ideal car.

What car to choose, Petrol or Diesel, Why?
Petrol cars – good, if you are going to use for your personal and family use and won’t cross more than 50 KMS/day.
Diesel cars – good, if you are going to travel more than 60 KMS and odd/day. That should be better choice when you look at the service point of view. That is one reason you will find most cabs and travel agencies operate Diesel cars than the petrol one.

Now let us break down the pricing details of the car you plan to purchase.

Ex Showroom price – cost that the manufacturer expects, no tax.
On Road Price -Cost of the car + Life time road tax + Annual insurance

Now let me discuss where all you can save money in the price components

  1. Actual car value – manufacturer price – depends on the dealer. Bargain here with the dealer
  2. Annual Insurance – Don’t take the policy from the dealer, talk to some private insurance agencies (Bajaj Alliance, TATA AIG, ICICI lombard), even the public players like (New India Assurance) Bargain here
  3. Life time Road tax – Don’t even dream about it. The Government own our ass.
  4. Finance (if you have100% cash that is the best option) Don’t take the options from the dealer, talk to private players like (Kotak, ICICI, ABN Amro etc) Bargain here

Sites to visit before you buy a car

The carwale site has enough calculators for eg. the EMI calculator.

Kindly note: I would have asked you not to get leads for the Finance and the Annual insurance from the dealer. Still compare the prices individually and the comprehensive package offered by the car dealer. Check which is the best & Go for it.

compare cars of your choice before you buy, take test drives, show it to your friends and family. You will come to hear about the good and bad about the car which you are planning to own.

Here is my test drive experience on Mahindra Renault Logan

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16 thoughts on “How I bought my new Mahindra Renault Logan – space, value for Money- Review

  1. That is a neat review. I’d have liked to hear more on Disel & Petrol choice. Why Petrol and Why Disel is only describe based on the Km one travels but why is not explanined. Rest of the review is awsome.. 🙂

  2. The Quality of showrooms/service centers and the services rendered are not so good. Imagine no A.C. in their Service center and showroom at G3 motors Malad and the service centre office is in a basement. They even refused to me show their workshop. Can you imagine that the Dealer (Sahil Motors- Andheri West -also known as GMS) from whom I bought my Car in Mumbai closed own in 6 months time without any info. and closed all its contact means. They carried out a shoddy job of anti rust treatment and after their closure Mahindra and other dealers expressed their helplessness in the matter. This dealer took the Cheque for the extended warranty and never remitted the amount to Mahindra and no certificate for the same was issued to me for months. Just to let you know that G3 Motors replaced my Spark Plugs after 10000kms in 1 year where as the Service Book says that they should be replaced after 20000 kms and the Board displayed in G3 motors says that it should be done after 40000 kms. They never gave me my old spark plugs. It just means that the Spark plugs were never replaced but I was merely billed for them by G3, Malad east, Mumbai. No Proper Bill was issued for the repairs work carried out by them. Every time for free service also they charge 100/- to 200/- towards consumables, which in my opinion is not correct.The Staff at G3 motors is highly inexperienced & incompetent.

  3. [b]Life time Road tax – Don’t even dream about it. The Government own our ass.[/b]

    So Do you not recommend to pay LifeTime Road Tax while buying the Car?
    If yes, Then what should be done?

  4. Anyways i saw lotsa comments n suggestions f these unkown frenz.
    i have decided 2 go 4 logan..i have owned n sold nearly bout 8 vehs
    among d all i think logan will suit me 4 ma bussiness n i can earn gud.
    as i drove a demo car n im fully satisfied.
    I juz need a gud kmpl n engine life n compared 2 others maintainance
    is cheaper tats all i want.
    dis is wat i need 2 operate my travels..s m a travel operater @ nilgiris 🙂

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