New Billa, Yes a good mass entertainer

New Billa

Yesterday, I had been to the movie new Billa, featuring Ajith. The remake of Billa is worth, but still cannot match the old Billa featuring Rajinikanth.

Why the new Billa can’t match the old Billa?

  1. Obvious reason, No Rajinikanth
  2. Logic is missing. On the data being copied on a USB pen drive, how much time does it take for people to make multiple copies or maintaining copies of data online. And hero fighting just for the USB drive is meaning less.
  3. Introduction of new Billa look alike , sounds weird. As Prabhu searches the database of a Billa look alike. In old Billa, the introduction of look alike Billa was accidental.

Inspite of all the too much techie, the movie seems to a entertainer, 3 hours just turned in to minutes.

Exceptional sexy glamor role by Nayanthara aka Angelina Jolie of South India (kolliwood), It was more of Matrix and Tomb Raider roles for her. Ajith was just delivering punch dialogues.

Excellent entertainer, worth watching – “Techie Logic missing”.

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