Software Professionals – Beware

When was the last time you used internet search to buy new or old homes, or when was the last time you made a search to find used cars.

Well con man have become tech savvy and using sites to find the lazy software professionals as bait. 

Try searching this site like  to find new homes at low prices. Well the answer you are sure to hear is “Boss it is sold out, there are some more homes in that range, do you want to try?”

You take the lead, they will show you homes at the sky rocketing market prices. The real market.

Even the used car industry is not spared by these offline spammers. You are bound to find cars at low market price. Do not fall a bait. Check sites like Use the online tools to find the best market price to buy used cars.

Well internet has become their local leads than usual petty shop leads.

2 thoughts on “Software Professionals – Beware

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  2. Nowadays people used to search everything online before buying the product or service from the local market. Internet usage has deep rooted in our minds. Due to this reason more and more companies are showcasing their products through websites and blog when compared to traditional advertising.


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