Rain or no rain, Day & Night test drive Mahindra Logan

Mahindra Logan
Mahindra Logan 1.4 Litre GLX version in picture

Probably I was one of the lucky guys who had a test drive of a fully loaded Mahindra Logan 1.6 petrol version.

It was afternoon and was quiet hot in chennai when I took a test drive. It was an hour test drive which I took, I had a complete feel of this Logan 1.6 litre, I took the car from the showroom to my residence (20KMs away) to show the new car to my wife. It started to rain on the way, had the feel of the wipers. Indeed they are good, nothing great about that, infact most cars give you the same feel.

But the visibility of the road was good even when the rain started to pour down heavily.

Reached home, showed my wife the new car. The thing which I actually fell for was the boot space an awesome 510 Liters. My first car was Maruti 800 and traveled 3 times to Thrissur, Kerala and had a terrible experience with the baggages which were actually placed inside the car rather than the boot. My wife was also stunned. WOW

Took a quick spin with my wife in the Logan 1.6, well I should say that the test drive vehicles are always the top end ones provided, they are tuned to dance to all your tunes. They screech, give you an awesome feel of that mean machine.

My son just enjoyed as much as any kid would, as he moved and rolled all over the floor and the seat. Well too spacious. His comment was “The next time we go to native place, I can sleep well at the back or I could play with all my toys while listening to my favorite songs”

So now back to showroom, It started to become dark and I switched on the light, the driver, who sat next to me said “You could adjust lights according to your wish” and showed me the controls. He offered me to show on how to adjust the seat height, currently available in the top end models. (check it up before you buy) Well it started to rain again, I wasn’t feeling that uncomfortable even while it was dark and raining. There was decent visibility of the road even on the either corners of the glass. While the Maruti SX4 had small opening or vent kind thing to offer more visibility ( that actually sucks)

I had another option from a different vendor to test drive the Mahindra Logan 1.4 GLX and that is this one on the picture
Mahindra Logan
If you thought that the Mahindra Logan 1.4 GLX, had power like the SX4 or a Ford Fiesta or Fiat palio or even a Maruti 800 which I owned earlier. You are quiet wrong, the car was not that responsive as its fully loaded Logan 1.6 liter engine, It neither screeched nor gave me a jolt. This car was meant to give the mileage which they are promising (15.5 KMPL on city traffic) Yeah quiet possible if didn’t had that power. I felt the same when I took my friend’s Honda City ZX. The moment ZX touched 40KMPH it kicked some ass. But the Mahindra Logan 1.4 GLX was not that great to feel. Brakes were responsive.

More on Mahindra Logan to come in future post… be sure to check out.


6 thoughts on “Rain or no rain, Day & Night test drive Mahindra Logan

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    The topic you have chosen Is really amazing and yes! these things should be known to all the people who are interested in the automobiles.I am reading your posts since long …but this is really something exceptional . I like the way you are writing … Its really awesome ..I hope to see some new more and encouraging posts from you .
    Thanks .

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