Which gas station / petrol pump BESt?

Which gas station did you fill up, for your vehicle?

  1. This is the most common question which your friends question you, when you tell them that you didn’t get a better mileage.
  2. When your vehicle pollutes the atomosphere

Do you know what kind of graded petrol/diesel you fill up your vehicle?
Does any one know according to gas stations, how they are graded?

A friend of mine who worked at various marketing agencies said that private one are the top quality ones and rest followed by public sectors

Here is the list in the order of purity and quality of gas as quoted by my friend

  1. Reliance
  2. Essar
  3. Shell
  4. BP – British petroleum
  5. BPCL – Bharat Petroleum corporation ltd.
  6. IOC – Indian oil corporation
  7. HPC- Hindustan petroleum corporation

Google didn’t help me out to find answer on this query. If any body has an answers I am ready to update this post with full credits to the righteous owner.

Most of the time it is a battle between friends saying, this is best, that is best. My quest for BESt just started.

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2 thoughts on “Which gas station / petrol pump BESt?

  1. The purity really does not depend on the brand name but definitely depends on that particular outlet. This list could be misleading.

  2. i abvise that you do not put tesco or esso or texico or jet could you publish this message on your web site.

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