Just happened to stumble upon justine’s blog, an ardent apple fan . Her video remarked to be either sarcastic or she really felt for Steve Jobs.

The whole world knows when you buy new Gadgets or Status icon products, they are meant to be bit pricey and as time passes by, old models have to give way for the new model products and the prices have to be slashed in order to keep the old one in the market to meet the manufacturing cost of the production.

I bought my Nokia N70 in India, when the product was just launched it was 25000 INR (USD 500 approx.) and 6 months down the lane it was 15000 INR (USD 300 approx.). Does it mean, we all send mails to Nokia.

What a crap, There are still Iphone users who believe that they have premium product or atleast an usable product.

Well I love Apple for the WOW/usability products, being an ardent fan of the PC for years, I do have second hand Ipod mini Apple did replace the batteries free of cost after 1 yr and would love to possess the Iphone when it hits the Indian market.

Steve I am not complaining, just get us the Iphone to India, even if you hike and reduce the price, there will Indians Apple fan who love your products.

One thing I would like to say “Steve you have crazy Apple fan, who makes crappy videos out of your name”

Justine: No hard feeling, If you felt the post is in appropriate, let me know. ( I am away for this weekend, no computers, no cellphones. Will respond soon.)

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