Future of softwares

This is just my wildest imagination, sometimes I get cranky, may come true… Well I am not Nostradamus for Information technology either.

We currently see a change the way the internet is operating, sooner our internet speeds will be equivalent to that of our local area network (LAN’s),  Desktop  softwares will be obsolete,  the only illegal software on a pc can just be the OS.

Enterprise to soho applications will move to the web as services, late adopters will be forced to make their desktop applications free so that they can sync with the online service sooner or later.

Companies will run their applications on behalf of the customers on servers grids or even serial main frame computers.  Where applications gets legitimate and revenue would be pay per use.

PC also might get obsolete or it may take other forms like your house hold items like table to refrigerators getting smarter or even the Mobile phones turned to powerful features of a PC.

all this could happen between 10 to 15 years from now i.e 2015 -2020

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