Wildhogs – true essence of bikers

Dudes these guys rock, Yeah you guessed it right, it is about bikers. I am sure most of us have a group, right from childhood, If you have taken a road trip with your bunch of friends, you will surely love this movie. Most details of movie surely covered my road trips. I had been on road trips twice with my friends and planning for the third, coming week end.


Starring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence & William H Macy

Why I love this movie?
It is the character William H Macy , a computer geek and not so great biker, making mistakes, At the end of the movie he wins what he wants. He seems to be the looser from the very start of the movie, but wins his hearts desire.

Bikers Attitude?
The essence of bikers is actually conveyed in this movie. You don’t have to be true bikers (macho, arrogant etc), all it needs is the love to go on a long drive and enjoy with friends.

Sure it did win my heart.

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